Thursday, May 5, 2011


when little black rain clouds
that once hovered over honey trees
are far down the stream
carried by fresh smelling breeze
oft i find, over the rainbows
manifestations tote-ing truth
that sport bright shining halos
speaking wisdom, beckoning me:
let the honey bee's
honey be please
for the sweet often comes
with a most painful sting
'specially if so forced;
being cased within trees
kindly the kind be
through darkness this knight sees
that kingly the kings be
queenly the queen is
oddly thee G wiz
protective of whats hers she
giving worthy a new knew glee.
leave what is not yours:
take not for the take sake
break not lest broken,
unforce use your mind brake
take freely given a faith token:
in your own bath
you are bound to soak in
healed is the virtuous patient
that unhating waits
for patience makes good
& God not foresakes
the 'saken are only
for their own (not goodness) sakes
make due for now:
A shake up, the earth quakes!
what is long time coming is soon to be,
find it will thee in the summer's summing
long awaited is a long time coming
humming heard is the hummer's humming
hardly ever is a warning heeded
useless need not its repeating
like Al's birds the buzzing brings
to ones without the needed wings
snakely fates to the ones whoms sneaks
in heaven heard are all floor creaks
wanting will bring always wanting of more
deserve not you, real rewards are harder fought for
trickery tempts, resist to true reason,
such seething is the timing of this season
into trouble 'twill certainly get you
the bite will for certain certainly,
i undoubtingly bet you
havok reeks way down all creeks
sowing to those what is so simply shown
knowing inside they: can't know the unknown?
self show they those whom have to know
know not what they think they, no
they wait not for
their timely due
think they owed
leave IOUs
but writing checks
that cant be cashed
will get one burnt
hell's eternal heat rash