Friday, July 15, 2011

Fore Al Waze

What good for art words to me
if they fail ever so miserably
to truly convey to thee
these feelings inside
of me
thousands of volumes
could I master
fully craft
yet insufficient 'twould be,
feel i daft.
never a morrow
nay never at all
will have I skill enough thorough
to relay sufficient
this ball,
this body
so massive
a world in itself
rotating ever round my soul
from heaven
as i stumble
round language in circles
naked like un suitable
is there a thing to explain it
it burns at my every
like an eternal flame lit
it brightens me
like a knights armor neath stars
so bright oh so bright
if on Jupiter moons
ye could see it from Mars
that which speaked of
is the unkillable
love I have o' thee
God blessed me sneezing like
with an angel such (achoo)
as you
seraphim in a woman's costume
i will ever follow
i will ever loom
i cannot seem to show you
i dare say ye shall 'ever know
precisely the gravity amassed have you
you pull me
volcanically i overflow
upon this page
to fractionally relate
how ecstatic like electricity
to be able to meant this state
mysteriously found
i am so inclined
aint no mountain high enough
to keep me from you
what an honor
madame twill be
when united become we
in holy matrimony
desire of you nothing save to accrue
your kisses
and memories new
as long as i have you
i will remain complete
never the ground
to again touch my feet
for you lift me higher
than i thought i could go
(and ive dreamed of being astronaughy
as well you know, ive told you so)
Oh Stephanie my darling dear
how i truly love you so
composed i this ballad for you
in hopes from it a smile will grow
upon that face
like the sun it shines
and inspires these
YOUR endless lines