Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jer Ber went where?

met my boy jeremey down the street for a drink
was bored and paid and the house fast asleep
closed it down and casino bound we
Player 1, Jason, Jerry and me
originally post tavern was a three man crew
never met jason before but the man handed us all $20 bills
we all knew what to do
lost jeremey at some point
ebbs and flows
up then down
the moment at the end
bitter defeat
lost $120
entertained for a stretch
guilty now
money less
from that urge to keep pushing
those buttons to press
that a.t.m.
that wallet i meant to not have
self control lacking
fer real tho
got it bad
thrill seeker
sought that
the rush
always seems
to get caught up in

chasing the reels
trying to catch
a quick break
a come-up intention
casinos on payday
end up
with less
my mistake

Thursday, May 17, 2018

tied up/rant

the eighth circle
reserved for fart suckers
the square root of 154
its like that
spell checked

my phone getting in me
technologic take over
maybe its not the Ruskos
perhaps its skynet
learning us
using us

matrix style
on speed
which one
super manly

back in time
bill and ted
marty mcfly
hg wells
land of the lost
jetsons flintstones
dc ledgends
infinity wars

listing names of time travel movies
waiting on a check to clear
waiting like wondering if some strange happens to chance me
im wondering about my son and why is mother doesnt answer me
beein trying to make it here and abroad
tonight was a mixture of old and new a progress and regression of old things which are also new my man jerry pure protein pro skis like the swiss his cheese sands are quick sand trapping hungry hobos in melty bliss but he draws them in chalk in prisons with lines and the centipede is all vampire infestiside like dracula

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


demanding shrubbery
roro to the resxue
may bugs early
but big non-the-less
tough mfers
do they see colors?
no se

great neighborhood
mexican presidential
hope he not get popped
el chappo

21 bad
thing going on
all i do
is listen
swan song

dont say they never warned us
chose we are
in sane
selfish justificationarians
lifes a casino
r u game

up insane
going round not down sun
moon inhabitationary
get chew
beam me up

Monday, May 14, 2018

Toy Stories

immediate gratification society
too add wont read all this
i dont even want to write
this fucking shit

i was in between
the internet and not
and i forget
i forgot

what was different
when google couldnt say
when the map and street sign
lost now fade away

ix mfers
computter till dead

outsourced our brains
use computidoras instead
dead mushy space
tween closed off ears

where does this lead us

Sunday, May 6, 2018

ween us

press the fucking buttons on the screen
it escapes me
the time spent dulling the masses
we do this to ourselves

instead ill zone
ill neglect
ill squander
loose with life
lose this fight

its all in my head
never cant it be
space inbetween
hide seek

shut up about it
settle down
these in mes

free me
free me
get me out of this
creeping in
elbow room

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

tuesday in iowa

so far not a lot of action
took a long nap while it rained this morning
its been now two hours and no production
the time click ticks on
the money is being accumulated
i miss my madame
my girl miles away
i think back now
to all those times i didnt appreciate
what was there
i want to take her
to know her

Thursday, April 26, 2018


family circus caravan
cars and vans piled 
with kids and stuffs
stuffed like teddys
passing through
mother of the republicans

we got this beautiful
mess of overlapping
overtaking retaliations
with combination vacations

ships passing
got it
a pirate
I patch
we patch
patch and repatch
boots and booties
it can be

tooty horns own
fruity juice
heart y
going down