Saturday, April 21, 2018

THE Final: Chapter House

With Lion Strength he pushed forward, not anything was left laying hidden, no waiting this year for the keys. Nothing sleeping needing to be unlocked deep down in the dungeon of this mind castle.
He was Icarus and was happiest out here away from the nest and with an invocation of Heavenly Wisdom he at once knew not to too fly too closely. Un-bowed string. Theory.
The sun was out above the storm. He felt a tinge in his upper lip. Left side. He was smiling.
He remembered to breathe. Center. Not react on instinct. Instead he strategized.
He would lay a trap.

Friday, April 20, 2018


evasive actions
they caught us
off guard
the battle is over
it never got started
so ill
prep air
dead you
in vain
the act
a vow
from here

straight on till morning

tug of war in my soul seemingly as of late im not sure where to be so i limbo hesistate and just get crashed around like a post-battled-ship-wrecked-deckhand clinging to a wooden piece of left over exploded pirate ship in never land these croc infested waters are luxury void and im exposed to the deep blue water where employed to survive im drifting along thinking back to the point where it started to go wrong

Saturday, April 14, 2018

re: enforcement camp

Russo/China weather warfare up here oh my cow dont leave home without hammer sickle and plow. white dawn down on us buried alive if they attacked elsewhere we would be unable to supply.


stranded here at johnnys crib
waiting for the ride he will give
snow boulders line the escape
wonder how long digging out will take
he wanted me to help with the trim
agreed like a pal now stuck im with him
i dont think id be so much stressing
save i left my weed so now im wrestling
this boredom kills me its got me pacing
sleeping house tippy toe time wasting
jamming to tunes my cure for cray
blizzard tundra snow storm so i stay
put me to sleep to pass the time
locked-up-abroad as convicted o' crime

Monday, April 9, 2018

Crystal Meth

im saying
jam in out
crystal meth
sold my star craft
used to short change
drivers thru
at mc d'$
ronald got burgled hams
war on

dont come back
round here
no more

wanted to jump
off the boat
swim away
to run into the ancient
hot foot
all sands
of time ive got some
to write
to untwist like a yo yo
im comin back
four more

Sunday, April 8, 2018


retro acting like i used to hear
the songs let those fuckers in deep
open me up to that awesome feel good

feels too good thats where i get lost
new new old old future present gift
unfolded time space travel way

to kick it here with my bay at my feet
babys on fire hot while cold eye sickel
red dawn with rising son gone wild iversons