Sunday, January 21, 2018

reading rainbow

tighter ship but not mr mackey style too tight tied we wearing that retro futuristic modern biz shiz robo talk back camera fed cloud 9.0 upgraded tailor fit make a projection of a lesson light beams all the worlds a backboard when you live on creative imagination tune in get that station jump aboard loco motion shuttle leaves at noon today too to the moon and back round trip the koolades cold and the dots they dip... ... ...

Friday, January 19, 2018

traf ybaB

got this lady legs on which om texting and she probably care less about my sentimentessing for the child asleep in the room very next has assumed as she should then rule of our nestled snugly inside herbswaddle straight jacket each sound she makes stirs me im ready for action for too long far too long has she slept as i wake ive a feeling short lived is this wake in this place paranoia deep stabbing into the heart through the gut that the sleeper will wake and throw the world into fuss hall smells awfully load from my last vistiation guarding calms in the storm surely things get real dicy im poised to retreat when she stirs from that slumber no doubt roused by the fart creating impressive baby made thunders


the appreciation is more abundantt in my mind to be sure voicing only negativity via want but needs beyond met im being self like me my selfish shelf it dude old and played out jerry act trick pony not one but many international got lots loads plenty of this all day why not off topic done forgut whunt eye taught lips lisping if reading loud must be you out there no punctuation free associating here let be know that tonight friend moe happened pass and we rhymed over beats got laughs that lasted longer in those moments than in many comitting that shit to permanent memory  remember we what want where were yall even seasons change leap ahead to the fall back in time in the future each moment grasp as passes man im feeling slowage now smoothing out bbb"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Spelling Bee

Pastor Green like dried near Brown mixture of sleet and snow this town senior citizens rise up against capture the ones that pitch a tent pressure the nurses to wrap them out Rancher with cattle Tumbleweed injure their leftovers for seed is danger teacher don't question the children posture and Tails much to be seen future so bright blinding me picture hit line drives straight to the nature of the Beast caveman Leisure rounding up females measure is all about what you're against Catcher in the Rye Insanity defense pleasure principles grounded full foul foul foul Picture Me Rollin kicking old school is failure an option but not the treasure is at rainbows and creature leprechaun force-fed culture is what you make it figure it out when naked torture for a purpose Christmas forever SS endeavor

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Game

Beat. My chest. Chess game stong. Lacking in pay. Tense. Chamellion patterns. Wavy and blurry. Never going anywhere. All ways in a hurry. Last night I was alone and I hate my fucking self. Don't feel like I know who I am or rather wish to be. The part of me that hangs me up refuses to just die. My faults weigh me down like rocks in my pockets. Virginia wolf cry like howl at the moon. Monsoon in the dark and I'm a baffoon and baboon. Monkey going bannanas don't wanna talk cept sign languaey don't laugh at things or listen it stings it not funny like Farley and Suazey. Lazy spiritual pray pray pray and I lost something out there this jungle all day makes my cray cray crazey. Get it out a wise one told me once and here I go again. Shitty drafts of daft. Punking out on life inside despite outward appearance. Truthfully I'm dead in here foot on the gas no steering.

Friday, September 29, 2017


Fallen out of habit
I used to write so often
Now that I'm unpracticed
I fear my skills are softened
Likened to a pillow
For they make one snore, saw logs.
I doubt a single literate person
gives any fucks about my stupid blogs
It used to make me feel
A sense of accomplishment
Putting thoughts into words
Convinced my work was heaven sent
It still froms the heavens
Though my egos less inflated
Going back and reading things i wrote
Its mostly non-sense ive created

Who the why the what the
Mostly boredom
Being down on luck
Self-loathing bullshit.
Throw it away
Nothing worth a wasted read
Best not read, so i say

Still here go i on writing here today
Fucking with words in this way that i play

Ive got this thing i do sometimes
so do i it to the paper
I force it on myself and others
Does that make me a raper?