Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Wurd Woe Are 3

felt feel humble scared guilty on edge tip toe unsure of the climate im busy with it goes in phases of resting and action im feeling fat lately much to diss satisfaction never gayronteed wear weather fowl jyst in cased gear pope mobile bat cave wild child robin bird cages from hoods like ace what a tu tu king tut petting zoo mummies risen licked in prisons on display speaking gibbrish if you tie the to a bed and feather their feet they are ticklish world wars now hear the sound trump its blare here we go hope you right with all mighty cause its not tv show some fucking gawl and get right and get activation its evil vs the souls of us grab your rosary and sword shive or be timbers batt el you stay shuns

Monday, February 19, 2018

shit pile

so i caved and scrounged change like a kid and can did i purchase the thing im a slave to in forms that various ways come into me a mockery of me make the vessles of addiction im stuck in this place where my facts are in fiction listen not and hear not the words here for now im plowed under turned under milked out no cow udder dry im up tossed and turned out when will it let up what am i even talking about if i dont how can you know what the fuck this all means im just rambling and it soothes me my mood phasing it seems extreme low im reversing so ive got some rehearsing faking smiles sunny dials say times up same shit different piles


killing time now feel like my wants are self serving highlighted by self scorn well i am so well deserving swerving lane hopping frogger trying not to get smoked till i yearn for a hit im a fiend till i croak not ok this is not joy im so damn displeased like im broke and somehow broken atlas world im on knee sees the day imagined brighter ness loch theres no proof glimpse it gone quantum mechcanic proton one man aloof

good luck

oddy yawn since when sit kay men shun mean aim tall yore fremen ease into it tive lesure et sall ittle bet we are die noah la ta dos peep el justice saur lue card er than they got under knot gun a seat no nawt sea it a tall

wake to thirst (damo knight)

wanna quest quit my job and take a risk and sober off the nicotine and weed and be clean till least october when i get like this all down and pussy feeling emotionally drained and depleted im prone to reset start all over control alt want to delete it purge the old the bad a cleanse and never back look again lest stoned to tuned i gaze cast on the past that games no fun to play forward only pressed for time but moment are all we have i know in the now but how often how how often indeed dost thou forget to remember thoughts like these path of leaf river forest rain and thunder with the trembling cold damp night in the wild hunger scared never ending somehow lost left out here think i ran away and wandered now i cant find my way so i pray hachet paulson lay asunder not a peep doze to sleep sun beams come lighter day

know ba dee

ugly in my head this anger is cycling fuckings stress me outings demons wresting no resting too wicked too bent out of shape tingles my finangies when waking and resting the devil red yes likes to poke when down trodden feeling hopeless and useless the smallest things hardest unexplained missing understood soure of unknowing me in turn ill full o phantom pains in my ass like a fart stinks the most like im poisoned gassed up like a motor explode out exhaused pipe dreams are sweet like candy neclaces and children earfuls of laughter it fleets me flys way way far from where i is isnt where i am supposed off the track train me rail me back on want to be far away from my optimal days numbered past prime

Sunday, February 11, 2018

wasnt it yesterday?

God bless America. home of the nuclear family. best system ever. not! also: pre marital unprotected sex can lead to children whose parents resent them for being adults that wont amount to shit. mud in their fathers eyes. when asked about at social gatherings its best to just avoid acknowleging existance. thorn in the side out of sight not of mine. neither of the ones who made you giving fucks they dont care enough to try bigger better new past lives allergic to the consequences of latter days their accusations cloud up high miles sky miles cant make time frequent mcfly take me back to the future for much needed deathbed apologizes