Tuesday, July 17, 2018

😘 😘 you so sweet

sweet on you. like id rot out my tooths if you let me keep you in my mouth im a goose on the loose honking chasing biting toochies of anyone besides me (or half of me) tries to shake me from your nectar you are my shade tree my lady on days when the heat of the moments away from you blaze heavily on my soul to squeeze you is reason enough to pull through i would juice you and freeze you into popsicles true but i refrain from insane things as these you see im praying till bleeding through the knees cause im so thankful for you never stop if you please

Sunday, July 15, 2018


way past late and im up in my zone
when the crib is asleep i aim finally alone
though i hate to feel the lonely
here i am in solace tuned
not ready yet to rest this head
some fine thing waiting in my living-room

this weekend flew by fast this time
the acceleration thing
it seems the older that we get
the faster the current
in which we swim

many fishes
in the seas
but only one of
be me
sorta see my self
a mystic
all future is tickly
keep myself pro/con
pan young
keeps you
three is
into this

craft I
the path i'm on
rather you'd
wanna be
on my
time will see
altered beast mode

truth is
mine own it
baller g
the only
i forsee
of robbing the game
grand larson burgality
prob not
problems don't need
prob b dubbed
nightly sir
sword swored
black as night
hype be
no bull
write right
noble heir
pass the trophy
and the dro please.
Is shaded me,
neath money tree,
my destiny?
I guess stay tuned.

word: playerz

kick with the artists
they all black men
talking real talking action
vigilante like the bat man

how the fuck the ones that get shat on the worst are so versed to the story tellings gifted a curse slur a word on some beat spit the flow with amigos and its good for the soul like it puts light in and glow you go round in a circle venting playing timing message send its fer real when its not just for goofs and pretend time can bend and remembering saids is oft a struggle for its flash like bolt ends like on high zues in mt olympus feel a catch me a blessing talking stupid with my friends

Sunday, July 1, 2018

what you say

be kind to me in conversation.
 im imperfect
and its all i can think of
 in your absence.
its like you are my emissary
i pray there is more good
than negative
going for me
over here
 because im trying baby
 to be a good man
to you.
 i hope you can honestly
of me.
 you dont deserve anything less
and i feel like
my life
 is going to be put on the burner
when they
 loosen you up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Johnny Applesaid

making so much sense gunna have to cash it in
got these haters disagree me man im tryin bout a win
when i wake up feelin perfect bitch my vibe is super sized
get the fuck up out my happy meal im eating like im storing
for a winter like a cold night frosty if you think im not real then somewhere u lost me see
im fixing and im mixing up a movement so unstoppable you wont be able to pull me down it all will topple off of me and on to you as i continue busting through like walls are bubble thin man im cereal you can say im tucan sam fruity and im loopy and i rub it in
hold your head under the milk inside your bowl and ruin every meal you were gunna eat so raw unthawed and hot like an oven since i beat it up like scrabled eggs ill leap you frogs like swamps be fed you to the crocs dont step im apple sauce you bitter. unread.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jer Ber went where?

met my boy jeremey down the street for a drink
was bored and paid and the house fast asleep
closed it down and casino bound we
Player 1, Jason, Jerry and me
originally post tavern was a three man crew
never met jason before but the man handed us all $20 bills
we all knew what to do
lost jeremey at some point
ebbs and flows
up then down
the moment at the end
bitter defeat
lost $120
entertained for a stretch
guilty now
money less
from that urge to keep pushing
those buttons to press
that a.t.m.
that wallet i meant to not have
self control lacking
fer real tho
got it bad
thrill seeker
sought that
the rush
always seems
to get caught up in

chasing the reels
trying to catch
a quick break
a come-up intention
casinos on payday
end up
with less
my mistake

Thursday, May 17, 2018

tied up/rant

the eighth circle
reserved for fart suckers
the square root of 154
its like that
spell checked

my phone getting in me
technologic take over
maybe its not the Ruskos
perhaps its skynet
learning us
using us

matrix style
on speed
which one
super manly

back in time
bill and ted
marty mcfly
hg wells
land of the lost
jetsons flintstones
dc ledgends
infinity wars

listing names of time travel movies
waiting on a check to clear
waiting like wondering if some strange happens to chance me
im wondering about my son and why is mother doesnt answer me
beein trying to make it here and abroad
tonight was a mixture of old and new a progress and regression of old things which are also new my man jerry pure protein pro skis like the swiss his cheese sands are quick sand trapping hungry hobos in melty bliss but he draws them in chalk in prisons with lines and the centipede is all vampire infestiside like dracula