Thursday, March 22, 2018

stayed up

so i drug his ass out
guilted him hard
says hes lonely
but howard hughs tendencies

the house is asleeping
its quiet and now
the silent is too empty
waits to be filled by sounds that stir

still awake here
full days having lately
time fly-bye
still try i escape seen

the man owns the day
the night warriors fight
cant explain not sleeping
instead i sit here writing

baby cries shatters calm
then the questions begin
what are you doing
and why aren't you sleeping?
living life
me doing i
in the dark
whats it to you
i dare not reply
so i cede the day and nestle deflected
tomorrow will never wait nor die

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

US vs Dems

they want him to step down
nobody likes Hill Rod Clint
but shes obv no quitter
killing his cred softly
the dirt on her
not to mention
demo this craptastic
the noble ones get shot
in their faces
or heads
and we are left with this
not suprised
the game felt rigged in '16
feels rigged more now
they want him to fail
fucking haters


daddy day
diaper bag tote-er-ing
naps are calms
between storms
of guess why im upset
usually easy to diagnose
something about that cry
its primordal
blood curls
make her stop
nature is nurture
glad i dad
didnt have to birth her
got it easy
fortunate fool
cant not step up
no tool

shed light bulbing
flower pot bloom
fixed up
was broken
now just broke
self depending
sonic phonic
bada baby fadda
im getter got this
bout to black out
bottle boom
cleaning up
brought a broom
which ill stick
in corners like mice
magic like a wizard is
i spell it out
write books on kids
piget shit im pops like quiz
know the flow surprise
high vis
able to express
i type
home depot like
with words i write
got hardware for days
screwed on
dees vices 
getting hammered
wrenching guts
eye sockets
sawed out
gorilla glue
ape shit
im pliars
for straws
in the air
best be a crafty man
buyer beware
goo be gone
sticky situations
learning lessons
tested on patience
practice not perfect
go up then back down
err like a human
no king
more clown
than regal
more Gollum
than shmeigle
given the choice
picking lesser
than two evils

Saturday, March 17, 2018

bo peep

too fucking late
not enough sleep
not enough hours
not enough light
the grind calls
im stretching this one out not giving this day up
not without a fight
never stopped
full force
kicking names
taking ass
26 hours gone
in the books
if i dont get sleep
tomorrow is shot

Thursday, March 15, 2018


the practice is necessary because although i understand it to be shit its important to force it fuck where it goes as long as its out there is this sort of mystery here flowing freely on this cell phone at times its like it just takes control the world is truely fucked up as i listen in the backround of syria. i dont want an audience some times. the truth is hidden somehow in here the key to my salvation because it gets really overwhelming at times but just typing these rambles makes me feel like i have some purpose or something because it feels good like drugs when i do it and i can look at it and sometimes i impress myself and some days i regret my candor but i have had this vice since i was a student and profoundly enough i am


like a wine
or a scotch fine
cheese or a fart
or a fine piece of art
that gets better the older it gets
so it is with humble pie
after it sets
in this funky town
GB represent
lakes up interior
kim clark kent
all else inferior
i get better the older i get
supposed to kick oldschool
still a bit wet

scissor hands

more than this
destined to feel better
shouldnt be a battle
bout to boil kettle
black on black darkness
consuming me daily
need a change of pace
venue sucks betrayed me
somehow lost myself
forgot just who i is
money grabbing hoarding
getting out the biz
dollar signs for eyeballs
fuck this war this peace
rather flip a burger
than fry more greed is grease

im not a cog
but its def machine
got me shutting off

being mean
forgetting human
man itty
moses come back
break me free

bondage sexless
still a whore
whats it for
days dont matter
unless day is pay
this worlds gone mad
crayola gray grey cray
so dull so robot
made of tin
heartless also
sinking in
quick as sand
hours like glass
tinted cant see
bottled my last
life is forced
months days and years
cut the fate strings
watch fall like tears
sheer will is power
sever per severe
roar cause i be mountain lion
not a fuckin' buck o' deer