Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sweet the sound

you the fuckin best
baby you the best
you the best i ever
i a dozen lives to live
this twelve times twelve
is the one id chose.
shades of blue the sky
has many
but the number of hues
displayed forever,
though many,
are not enough plenty
to number the times daily
i ponder bout gaily
bout how you inutterably amaze me.
the grace of God
lead thee to me
verse a- me to thee
I thank Him three times
Holy trinity
to bless me the father of your son
your spirit is the goodest
although presently pregnant
you've already won
the mother of the millenium award
all competition is forever out-scored
Lord have mercy.
you're a fox
and i hound you.
sniffed you out
you fill the hole in my soul
am eternally bound to you
if you were a cloud
i would bring the ground to you
and now like the moon
is bound to the earth
my every revolves around you
you give my life worth.
the stars aligned in the heavens
and like a wise man i have found you
and find you stellar, amazing,
i want to astound you.
you are out of this world
if i was a dumb bell
in your hand id be curled
you are atlas strong
in my eyes can't do wrong
and i ring like clockwork to tell world
this boy is wow that girl-ed
for all time you got me
like a flash here you seent'it
my heart jumped into your pocket
do with it what you see fit

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


eager anticipation, new chapter's beginning
hoping this period ends with us winning
records record and history repeats
asses of crowds rustle in seats
reflectively yesterday's dastardly deeds
feed fires consuming, self serving needs
sophomoric, a rascal, obliviously carefree
motions for nothing, a bag in the breeze
doubly a dog dangerously doing all dares
ignoring advice,
dismissing yall asses
as naysayers