Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Place for My Head

YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH AND APOLLO HIMSELF WOULD BEND AT THE KNEES TO HAVE HALF THE TIMES WE ARE ENDOWED WITH THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED SPIRALS WE FIND SELVES HEAVEN ASCENDING BUT APPRECIATED MY ONE TRUE DESIRE FROM GOD I AM LENDED THEE (un-a-loan). u are worth all the trials so i dare not to switch my radiation receiving soul dials and to think of you riles my internals like sand in the hour glass turned backwards as if sucked through a straw the past is undeniable and the cock crowing calls us to be addicted to each other like colonel sanders popcorn chicken gravy smothered and like kernels you go pop in my microwave filled head from top to bottom with white blue and red glowing flame you will always remain to me one and the same my fair lady never to fade thee are the one whom oft makes me crazy baby and till the day we part from this plane and return to whence we came i will proclaim your sweet sweet sweet to you always endowed the pick of the crowd i will scream it out loudly most proudly i beckon thee if i were the head you would be the neck of me

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FowL$E Pro(un)FiT$

Better now than before still have more and always fore
Words on page are worth not wage in this worldly stage
Caged in the capitalistic scheme of things where freedom
No longer rings the bell is broken as the fat cats soak in
Artificial sun beds and to each other castely weds makes red
My face as although I know my life's no waste still I feel ever
Encased in this artificial and superficial dream where the team
That used to pick the little brother up off the ground is gone away
For a night on the town. The children whom they left alone are
Like that kid in home alone. The robbers are entering
Through every open crack and support from the system do we lack
Slack in the rope and no mechanism to cope for how can we wash
When have we no soap. Eloped to the so sloped pyramid scheme
No longer endowed except he who deems to see fit his name glorified
So left are we along for the ride. The line is long, it is cold outside
Stead of a piece we faced in the get pied and the piles stack up
I'm calling for backup. Packingtown lets pack up and high tail it
Better yet lets coffin them and nail it so tight that they see no light
For the darkness of night has long been upon us
Truth only speaks to those being honest
If with yourself you have no wealth
For the worldly things
Hoarded by false kings
Will be accounted for
We are all human beings

Throw out these dogs!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sir Moore

God Bless you all. Act upon your love that dwells inside your heart, for it yearns to be shared. Four. That is what our Lord is, and ET es what thou art. Be smart in your pants and be calm in your rants lest you appear from above no more than fire ants. London Bridge is falling down, my fair Lady wears the only crown. The Queen Most High, the Mother of us all, floating midst clouds in the sky, has given me life, now I shall not die. Take not my words lightly thrown hard, be on your best est. Allow Angels to guard your every single breath until undertaken, Allah our Abba is Good all the time be there no missed nor mistaking. Opportunity knocks on your forehead, making your bed and you lie where you are led. Your life is more than just this game and is not just going to fizzle out, lest of course you take that route. We are not just robots. We are interstellar astro naughts, see yourself within these ink blots. Icky feelings come up from your soul, if learn to ignore them, you dig your own hole. Eventually you will find hells black back door, wealth full of sin, I'd RATHER be poor.