Monday, February 28, 2011


i get by with a little help from my friends and trust in the lust that the love from our LORD brings and he sings through me when in my mind i keep the thought of his word and the wisdom bestowed fine young cannibals know that we are all coughing in this trap we have been caught in non believers are the meat cleavers to our dream weavers neither you Lenore, i, or more store in these domes within domes within domes sneaking poems in dirty zones ET phone home so this blown cover up will get the fuck sucked up out of your place for us ominous God above for you there are not abilities bestowed to us to justly show you the love that rusts over mortality and this cruel reality the beast has raped this planet with its inhumane bestiality LET ME BE A LION TO THIS OZISH WORLD SO COWARDLY

Sunday, February 27, 2011


the extreme difficulty of our relationship has me balancing on a sword's blade
we bade and wait for the moments that used to come frequently and now are sparse
is this a farce? is this compulsion to continually dwell some five and a half feet under
worth the never come of our summer, this winter of discontentment has went with enough
cold hard times to last our natural lives. our love yes does strive and yes we be alive
why then are we so often helpless in the divide. wild ride. subside. arrive. im sick of this dive
while ive not really done much to deserve anything good i feel that my woes are more inconsistent
unless i list that which when i sit with brings a rift into my existence from whence it did manifest
festering and molestering my will is desperately wanting to separate it as it dents and dents.
to God up i do repent. this pent has no place in his house thats why we have no home and i am home alone no phone. i miss you. the myth's true... he'll skip you, trip you, slip you route remind rewind turn
about. face this we waste this misplaced. fits, fist lists. knitwits. misfits. bottomless pitness. Chris't missed...


i know that you have seen this all this before. my grace is stranded in your face in my memory. it is not your fault but mine that i have to right my rhymes. i really fuck it up sometimes. when will we reappear? can you hear me calling your name all the live long days my soul yearns for you even when i am with you and sometimes it seems you are not with me it hurts me so much it hurts me so much. have courage as the lions do and we are bound to God determined to come out of this with pride and a voice to roar at the excuses i cannot lose this

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i made it home ok. had one table and made $8! rollin in the dough fo sho. i hope you dont not love me cause i want so damn badly to be with you ever second and i hope you feel the same and i reckon you do cause thats what you say and i trust you no fuss accustomed to your crusting to my molten core to hold me here forever more, encased in your landscape so laced like a fine dress you are truly impressively impressed with the mold of a golden angelic lyre st rummer and i want so badly to keep pace as your drummer and this summer no bummers will stop this leon ard force because my heart is stronger than a hat tricking horse while my father's line is nobly Norse ive a paternal matriarchal blood running course and i think i have honed on our previous pasts and like then i know now that this love doth not pass for the fated twined ages again someway repeat us and God once again has not nor shall retreat us. Defeat is not in our vocabulary for you and I are old as metamorphic sedimentary

Monday, February 21, 2011

St. Valentined

Cupid made us
shuffled us together
on a never ending play
list the way
i ponder
it is
right on the left
of you
you will see
my little flower
the one
I tawlx
time aft er
time before
I was a wondering soul
waiting to explore
the world with someone
guess what?...It's you!
truest God's angel:
God I love you!

Hard too

Like a tooth brush let me reach you way back in the mouth of your soul.
Hole through I peep your soul
and am speaking to it from the outside
cross legged in meditation
as close as it gets here I will sit
and learn
to control my fits
that blitz my reason.
It is treasonous to get so outside of who i am.
because of you
we wont have to pretend in our
minds that which we dream for
it will be the times
such as these that will allow future moments to become overwhelming
like multiple exponents
we proponents
have been shown it
it is us
we are it
all this is a skill set
met with defences and mutual counter-measures
whether we each will be stripped of these walls matters not to me for I'll sing
outside of your door
as long as right is three lefts
this craziness is self theft
no matter your orders i wont be dismissed
for my disorders
else slit my mortal wrists
so clenched fists pouring my life force around your closed portal
screaming till lungs fail and pale i will detail my immortal
emulation of elation
for you my gift
of God
's creation

Friday, February 18, 2011


what if God was one of us???
how about all of us.
become alive
moonshines the light from the sun
let us too be moonlike
apollo mt. olympus hike
spike this volley
hear the calling?
it is in you
we are who we are
once together
now a part
of the big
of destinies
of GOD

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


acts like summer
walks like rain
reminds me that there is time to change
tell me, would you sail with me across the sun
where we could wait and anticipate
sol vacation
soul maturation
they shun
f what they be
talkin bout hun bun
im done done
we should be run run
inging singing bells ringing
ding ding ing


you gotta fight for your right to life liberty and the pursuit of an impossible dream in today's global human network. all seeing eye and we are all beholding a share. Destroy or repair? Buyer beware we aware and this Americans dream is a cross to heavy to bare. bull or bear prepair for a world where greed is nowhere lest we kill ourselves like always. Now. Here. Re evolution. re appear. Magic hats and white rabbits lost down black holes the toll master doesnt take master card. figure that out. starded nacht thee's phyres burning they as old as world be turning. disconcernting are not y'all yearning for the cup or some cake with a punch lets all pause and all do lunch the whole God blessed world or damn it all to hell not this want i to in such a place dwell. The Moon, Mars and Antarctica, not some neo dark aged new world order-DUMB

Thursday, February 10, 2011


saw her in the amazon, with the voltage riding down her cleve..... she got the power in her hand, making electricity. bastard love daughter from zeus, half siren she known to seduce. lightning storms out from her tounge, infinate her breath of lung. 

who girl? you shock me like an electric eel
i say who girl? turn me on with electric feel

ring ding dong bell like she sung. osolation power of the lung, singing inDEAFinetly, seperation mastery, once you hear her in your mind, already lost reason to rhyme, puts the harm in harmony, the kind of hear you'll never see

fool girl? thought you'd get the best of me
schooled girl. what did you expect of me

i could feel ya
electric field yea
magnetically yea
i could feel it.......

(did you feel that?)
(can't you feel that?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

accept that we are never neglected

IGNORE- ance: the root of most misunderstandings. elect this: only listen and be receptive and you too will be accepted stead of -NEGLECT-ed. education. POSITIVE-ity is the only PROGRESS-ive philosophy, no matter how ity bitty it be. it tends to be tended to. like flocks we drink from the loch. through our reflections we see our sheepish selves. black or white? ying and yang. hunch back. norte. dame. a little parable. off the shelves. truth is given freely but sells. monte cristo cells. break out. Christ seller. open cellar. the door is open. straight the route. climb on out. take not. give out. lend hand and ear. fear is the mind killer steer your ship clear. controll your. own yourself. i've learned now, see how, bough broken now i soak in God on high. tho i be-LOW. Lulleby. Quietly. Wis. per easternly wind he whisper to me. Wisked me. this was bliss for me. Lull'd he by me and i for he. always was. always will be. showed. miercoles. Miracle. mirror'o actuali'. act your will. own what is yours. grown. not owed. not bought any. LOVE is given most freely, today he spoke to me sow i see'd the light and the might of those things not a sight to see but a way to be. see? asi/asi.


summer time and the living is easy
riding through the streets of GB
Ryan Leonard dawns the Ryno in Brown County
oh take this veil
what am i going to be doing for a while
playing with myself
show them now we've come off the shelf

InN GOD we TrusT

one of the only real memories of my great grandfather Foral that i have is of him telling me that if i ate the crust on my toast (i think i was being picky) that it would help me to whistle, for i could not at that point in my life and as i recall wanted to badly.
You are like that to me Stephanie
you are like the crust
you help we whistle
and together we have learned to sing praise
for that is right, as well as being thankful
which i most definetly am
great full in turn eternally infinitely
we live on this big pie in the sky
God has a plan for you and i
when the moon hits your eye
when we are miles high
and we say beautiful truths that
bring tears and we cry
its like or it is exactly LOVE
pray to the most high above
maker of heaven and earth and its folk
im cereal as christ chex that aint a joke
no longer need cooking we baked to perfection
God hath done us service by teaching us these lessons
Hes lessening our misery
and my country tis of thee, that makes our audience three
(myself, my love, humanity)
we three: one light
No longer shadowed bask in light
no matter the circumstances we face
we must remember we all run on fates pace
no race
nor country nor sects nor whatever
there is no use anymore for devices clever
for whatever reason this was all just a test
and techno has never sounded the best
but the implications for manned space stations
these stepped pyramid stones
we must trust in our best friend
Hope comes in trust
And trust comes from our pasts
God's cred holds up
How long will ours last?

Monday, February 7, 2011

t1r1u1e b1l1u1e m1o1o1n

 she is the one that sheds the light on the dark side of this moonish balance we are all grounded in physically but she is the epitamy of oppositic harmony could i clone her id take three im sure sometimes she wishes to have 1/3rd of a me opportune opposity approx...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

See? Shore.....

A holy Moe Lee word slew.
Booya baby! Contrewed stews; ode to you.
Garfield fat on love expressions,
our love will be the stuffing of legends.
Shells on sea shores we will sell. Stuffed.
Plant and pick pickled peppers. Puffed.
Tis known moses supposes
his roses to be toes' supposedly:
we faithful we placed a blue rose
anti-burning bush by sea.
The variety's history is shrowded mysteriously.........
And in the night when the moon hits your eyes,
and we gaze across time into the stars in the skies;
when i sing you to sleep sweet love lullabys,
and you fall deep into sleep:
as deep in my arms
as the oceans are deep,
-be not suprised when into I creep
your wildest dreams. Your thoughts
are mine are mine as well. You are heaven sent.
An angel fell.
Like a wave we roll; each round we swell.
Gaining momentum every singlular moment passing.
A tangle of emotion, sands in the hour-glass-glassing.
These are the days of our lives lass. Sing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A long walk

painstaking in title town
troubled past
on my last
still i hang arounD
got no banks got no cred
just faking my way,
faking a way
cry outloud
and i need you
and i miss you
and now i wonder
i fell last fall
into the sky
did you think time
could pass us by
cause you know id walk a thousand miles
if i could just please you
its hard times like this
when i think of you and i wonder if
you ever think of me
staring blankly ahead
just making a way
just making my way back
through the crowd

For Mate Showns

So here again I find myself in you
The way you are and those things you do
And ever if you doubt my feelings or devotions
Perhaps this poem can convey my emotions

I find it hard to keep my form
As of late it's outside of my norm
But in order to prove my love so true
I will keep inside lines; my tribute to you

Its naturally flowing from my pen
No doubt I'll transfer to computer then
I can send this love way out among
Other waves of love spoken without lung

By breathing in the air around
And holding it in I can hear the sound
Of your deepest affections directed tword me
And these are mine directed tword thee

A match maker couldn't have matched us so well
We both born in spit fire, stubborn as hell
I'm glued to you darling if you cannot see
And these are my feelings directed toward thee

My hope is they suite you
Just as you suite me
A blind man could sense this
Godsent attraction between
The pheromones and psychic
Connection we share
If ever opposition
They'd better beware

Hungry like wolves
We live for the nights
When we are cured of this madness
All barks without bite
We have witnessed the future
A product of our past
As resolute as ever
We approach our fates fast

Approaching bliss we can't stop this
We had best prepare our bucket list
For like a rocket
Bound for space
Once ignited
Its all one pace
Thats our word
So fast approach we
Tis superbly absurd

Go Pack Go

Rothlessberger. M&M's they call him slim cock thats concerning. Master baitin like Sheilds on the ends of grassy noles while the big boys at the door takin the controls, but the bitch is the blood boils, actions have recoils, and what you thought was yours was not and now we backpack packed with your spoils. No steel here all plans foiled. we pickin up scraps from rapists thats a rapture their diss. Ass. Terds. Roe roe roe ur boat back to Del wherever ville. Terf toed. I can see a blowout and ensuing laughter. don capers a super man to man crafter. and home maked baked till just right is ted's thompson's tommy gun with full package dual weilding the poise and fielding. of the six points per touch down and 6 rounds per gun #12 has a dozen shots he will be forget me not knot in the lasso of El Passo in Dallas yo that big rodeo. Born in Cali where green is good Lambeau seasoned and well fed in GB hes where he should BGee.  Golden and Green hes a bull with sharp horns ready to stick it where it dont shine in Prime time. All of the lights there is steel but it aint stainless we bring the pain with us in McCarthy and the Packers I so do trust.

What Plants Crave

lyre plays
sitting posing
for a steampunk
Victorian revival
re renneisance
Hark the angels in my heart pull strings
Like a childish puppet show this spring brings
Light to this mini darkage inaccustomed
I feeling so aquatic I want now to function
New junk tons of junctions
Con fung shuns
Fung shwayze
St. Patrick
Am I Immoral

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New World Order

unrest cant sleep
egypt has failed
this new generation
bonded by the net
technological world
now we get details
twitter facebook email iphone
bouncing back from darkage ozone
bouncing signals the people speak
how to mask what they really think
how when have we now this link
there is no hiding there is no fear
communication has appeared
the people always are the same
want whats good and right for shame
this sham has gone on long enough
the tide is rising the seas are rough
Arabs Muslims and christian souls
Jews and Hindus tribal olds
are mortal all and pay our tolls
to the same divine force
translated differently
understood removed
each hold credit
our fortunes pooled
a dialogue
one grand song
we monophthongs lets diphthong
try athelon
a monocathelon
ideathon tele
prompted tronic
lests us not
forget of phonics
not moronic
this audacity
ceases to be chronic
isn't it a little too ironic?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


sending you vibrations on the light stream that binds us and its kind words like remind us lets us find us interpersonal blindness too much info so un simple lifes a pimp full of woes and tills what hoes does planting rose buds for men like this one to let minds like yours run about through meadows hopes your thoughts flow out your window and catch the wind here cause our love dear has that power you my flower see into you any hour you a cake i would devour sweet not sour china tao er ying i wang chung you a bell i rung you songs like gong dings to you my heart sings had i half wings id go where god brings know its next to you through i through you crash into you you my blue you my lovest true you my gifts i give you

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A symbol?
this is what it sounds like
the sweat of your body covers me
can you my darling can you picture this:
you and i engaged then a kiss
you dressed in white strike curious poses
this what it sounds like when we fly
stop time interlocking internal bliss
how come life just leaves us standing
alone in the world thats so cold
maybe im just too demanding
maybe im just like my father
maybe im just like my mother
shes never satisfied
why do we scream at each other
i feel how you tremble inside
how do we keep on withstanding
this is what it sounds like
my dove dont cry

Re: Whynd

7x7_11th time machine dreaming of 1986 in February 25 reversed rotations round son would bring me back to when the sun rose the morning i escaped cave of darkness and unreason and so began these times of the seasons a quarter of a century has gone in a flash and i stand just as naked as the backthen in the passed up opportunities and easiest ways out of instead of what i thought id be im just a clown left juggling the remnants of my self destruction ive exponentially zeroed now doubt this function the algebra doth not oft compute and deserving of this destiny i cant refute a mad man hatt-less in birthday suit the train is passing and destitute is the same ole cold town i want to escape they cage me up stage me up slave me up rape this planet of apes pen torn from my cold dead hands alls left is the play of words that consumes and stretches me back rubber bands play harmonic reverberations that sing proclamations of new destinations if only my appreciation of this current situation would appear apperationally all ways of thinking and im as deaf dumb and mute as the day i first appeared and its no longer cute