Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Txt flo

Im a freakin lump with no freakin drive and im just stuck in this pit zombie barely alive parylized and if lies i any longer in this place im gunna melt into a puddle of worthless waste wax off a candle hardened cause you is my flame and im wild inside with love you have me tamed cause i cant leave to go nowhere never without you and its odd cause im usually out doin what i do and im stuck kinda living for moments with you cause im kinda just waiting not knowing what to where i want to be is the future by your side fast forward to i missed you and pause before goodbye

Friday, December 2, 2016

Long A.F.

The codex to my venacular i gravitate to your power-
full of spirit
the ledgendary stuff the poets doth named
get antiquitic when i prostrate
spit with firey tounges
until with vaccumed out lungs
im crumbled and dumb
from the songs that ive sung
to you
praising the true God for what He has done
made me happy to be here and share this
inspired by you
id love to dismiss it
as no major deal
however i must to sound reason appeal
for the way i get moved on and lit up like lights
is no minor happenstance
its what i live for
its right
not just comfy or pleasant
not ok or fine
its the real kind of feeling
that feels like a sign
and all of the signals
i get in the world
tell me im made to fit with
this Halee Grif girl

I get all excited
to do what i cant force
its unfake-able
to make up bull
shit and divorce
genuine sentiment
from a device built for truth
for the craft of a writer
is being the slueth
finding little bits of wisdom tween the lines
plays with words
such fun when it rhymes

I wonder, especially when im like now in mid write rant if what the fuck im saying here make any lick of sense and i guess it doesnt matter much to anyone but me but im putting your name on things and that should not be taken lightly.
Im slightly embarrassed that i make spelling mistakes and that my spacing is goofy
and there are hard
and im sure at times awkward
it is to read all my ravings
how cant i get down though it
what other is the way be

Ive gotta get it out of me while the creative juices are flowing
so accept from me with apologies for how up your phone b blowin
for i know not else this man is to do cept his God given ability to love and love You
if ever i lose my mind or i die i want to to remember that the complete entierty of my focus at this very moment is the fuel your soul gives to a frozen block of poet.
Its important to me that i practice my craft
and to outsider eyes it may see daft this draft
but laugh as haters may
im addicted to this
and i cant help i love you and i give you my gift
Miss Griffin if you havent grown bored of this endless utter nonsense you get then im more than sure,
better yet,
at peace in the world
for we are where we belong
so my obsession with you is anti-wrong

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Halee Grif

On the reel tho
You are my cinematic end
ing bending my will towards better ends
Best we
Heaven sends
Angelix whens
We teegethy
Wrens flying sky bound above cloudy skys and pretends we like this sometimes cries come and frustration ensues lo no matter the weather im right behind you we are what is said of words in books and in the future i wont be one bit suprised when one gets published about us and the little shit i send and you get when im struck how enflamed i am in love with you Halee Grif