Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Saur Us

A life without the likes I of you² see
Appears mirageously comparable to a desert once a sea
Profoundly destitute existance would be
Barren, bare, badlandishly wasted
I'd thirst thirstily for more
Of tastes fore fast tasted

Rather I’m an ocean formerly desperate, in dispair
Till you rained sunset lullabies, soothing waves of repair
What once was a waste
Cavernous and spacious
You filled full with affection
A void vastly capacious.

Greenly you stormed positively down on to me
Colorful charged clouds broadcasting immortality
Cleansing the slovenly
Refreshing as Irish spring
Than Leprechanic rainbow gold
More wealth do you bring

An erudite man need I not be to see
That no ersatz charlatan could ever replace thee
I mean not to upbraid you
For you’re fairest and most fair
A delicate flower ‘mongst gross weeds
Of this I’m well aware

Is it not sage to assume you beyond all reproach?
Know you not me a lame horse pulling uphill your stagecoach?
More than willing be assured
Less than a bale in my affrays
Yet pull away everyday I will
Doubt not what justly this says

I’d maim any man who would dare to defame
That whom I’ll grant (grace willing) with my name
Deserving of abundance
Past present and lately
Laizee faire will prevail
Fear not penury

I impart on to you, these words truly true:
I’m done with the invective, far better due are you.
Once achaic and barbaric
Now brilliant I am back
Never to revert again
Never you to lack

Know exempli gratia: I’ll love you post post-mortem
Id est, ours is immortal; ¡Vida sin tu define boredom!
Es verdad mi amor
A Spanish/ing fact my love
In waring times of atrocity
You’re my peaceful dove

Which is precisely why I refuse to refute
That life without you would be obsolute.