Tuesday, December 27, 2011


this oral fixation has got me pacing like a not so fast but leading none-the-less car while my nerve endings are on my ass like caution flagged eager racers just dying for the go ahead is it all in my head or am i living a life of a doomed to be dead forever man stuck as a slave to phillip the more in my pocket cowboy killing man because obviously uncle sam allows the scam and my mouth can fall off and my jaw can eat itself away and you could pull out countless lungs and ring the tar like sham wow towels with deathly darkest tar and you could talk like a robot into a box like a robot in a smokey bar but nobody notices that the choice was never ever a realistic endeavor rather a hooked for life loop hole slot machine lever that is monstrously clever

Monday, December 5, 2011

Matthew 15:27

Young Americans
we are we are
the youth

twits and tweeters
trails of trash
in walled street parks
reciprocal dispose able
stay inside after dark
two can't
uncle sam
fruit loops
yes we am
a crowd? please,
you're not neo-post modern
a candle in the windy city
jumping on whats caught on
not even medieval
weaseled by evil
into thinking true
a sleep over will do
but they wont even allow you
to occupy the public space
they know you're afraid
of another
kent state
they the masters
you the bait
you'll swallow the hook
they patiently wait
getting jerked around
like a tricky dick
no robin hoods
just poor and sick
just crooked crooks
that babble like brooks
we pawns
they the rooks
super powers
full on selves
writing our history
melting ice shelves
devouring liberty
no justice at all
we begging for crumbles
if they allow them to fall
down to we dogs
as they feast our souls
burning to ashes
and we are the coals
we fall asleep
to their lies
this is their banquet
they cover our eyes
with a security blanket
Tienanmen square tank it
we bend at their will
bout time we break it
unclose-able market
they drive the sports car
they pull up we park it
they run while we crawl
displaced in this place
just rats in a race
self imprisoned
self encased
our freedom?
they bank it
painfully stabbing
into heart stake it
they net us
till worthless
their purse is
filling their bellies
not showing nor telling
yet we eagerly buy
whatever they're selling
we rent out their dwelling
greed's thirst we're quelling
all for the their rush
at a closing bell's ring
its bull shit
you know
they reap
while we sow
still plowing
we their fields
dreams buried 'neath
their surplusing yeilds
peasants unite
now's feudally realistic
these not clever words
I'm not pessimistic
this world's not pretend
it is time to defend
our own futures they lend
return what they send
they make us their slaves
it is time to make waves
rock lets the boat
come out of your caves

theirs not a hand that is the slightest bit helping
rather it brings fear and anticipational yelping

even a dog will beg for master's table scraps
and learn to accept the brutalizing attacks

yet hand that feeds the starving soon bleeds
because only so long is this leash that it leads

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


those damn noises
their footsteps
their mindless laughter
who cares what they are talking about
dont they understand
that below them is a poor
foot sore girl
who works too hard
gets kicked from inside
too hard
to have patience for their foolishness
no doubt they dont care
their alcoholic
their dumbing down
their zombifying
their reality numbing
is too important to them
to give a shit
yet i am witness
to a poor girl tormented
by pounds from above
that disturb her much needed slumber
she works too hard
she tries too hard
she strives too hard
to make rent for this her space
to have it selfishly invaded
night after sleepless night
by some dumbed down
worthless pricks
who are wasting away their futures
wasting away their hard earned
for some cheap high
that will get them nothing
less than nothing

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In the beginning
in the before
when lost I was searching
for something, something more
before the term faith
was one I could define
this was written.
we are touched.
finger of divine.
crossed our paths
forever entwined
neither straight
nor curved
all dotted lines...
etc... forever
never not ending
when found we the other
started returning, to heaven ascending.
though imperfect
as all of this world is
the choice is past natural
not ours, it is His.
we are supposed; predisposed
open to the possible
hours a book unwritten
never-ending, never closed.
chosed before we could even choose
the struggle's never trouble
when we be completely (in sign language you complete me)
so fused.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jung el Book

instead of angst im filled with thanks
to the tao of the all ways
surrounding Espirito Santo
if only we were all bears
no bad news
winning the world
pooh or hoop jumping
woozles and lumps-heffa
im back on words
up on surds
Lady of Lourdes
no i aint
a yet made saint
no Bernadette Soubirous
burnin in debt
sober us
all steps
covered with snakes
earthly matters
matter not
hard to teach
witnessed not taught
they paved Paradise
put up or
shut up
parking lot
cover up
fleur de lis

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sensory Museum

the smell of damp leaves and of fires warming homes brings me backwards
to the memories of moments just like these
they come around and surprise me
like a snapshot of my youth i recall those same captured times
when i rewind to them in my mind it allows me perspective
they show me where i was and where i am
no doubt this will happen again
it motivates me to overcome that which holds me back
from becoming the best version of myself
so that on some distant afternoon
not unlike this one
i can again reflect into the pool of my existence
and bask in the journey
from the now to the then
and back forward again

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tails for Heads

whats the worst is not knowing. like playing a game of poker and the tells are not showing
i wanna
i gotta
i want
in vain
i shall not
want to
want to 
so much
the flow is a go upon
like gay apparel 
to be donned
up on
we now
and how
now now
cows jumping
over moons
silver spoons
laugh little dog
thats a good sport
the roof is on fire
get that fiddler 
a glass of water

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Step up

one world
under One
big on the ups
down to the lows
witt un less
global collective
balls wreckage
bashing through walls
via ear drumbs
sound the air raid
sirens calling
damn this techno
so much
it makes one real
eyes in the backs
beyond heads
sayin now

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


 i miss you oodles like u be the sauce and im noodles. in mine mind you like mines i walk on it you are; rather run you circles in and around it and pictures like doodles explode as if they grenade eating poodles....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Kof Holy See

Brothers brothers at arms
at length we stand
pay head to word
guarding the kings castle
he is not home
saints and sinners
it will end as it was
sweat not when come
fire spat from ice cold
lungs that breath
and thank for air
messianic crypt raiders
defend from enemies
sent on missions
to missions
far away
secrets remain
secrets the same
never fortunes
never fame
selfless service
one body
truth told
days of new
knights of old

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sir Narp

dash it all
dash it all
my hopes
my dreams
dash it all
im so appalled
im so appalled
St Thomas
more and more and more i called
teach me wisdom
teach me words
teach me logic
teach me control
i know now not whats what
im ignorant
im a fuck
a fuck
a fucking fuck up
bury me in it
ill take satin in my coffin
in hopes that some day
when the Judge returns
i will somehow surprisingly have earned
admit me
admit me
or end it now
i feel like im doomed
im afraid im flooded
disaster ed
so human
so made this way
it makes one mad
all night
all day
im anger
im hate
im lust
im want
part with this
this earthly
this birth

Mr. E

i welcome the zombies to eat my brains. i like the pain. or at least thats what i want you to believe. the fact of the matter is that im sadder now that a pitter without a patter than the latter is. you can only imagine the reasons for my woe for torture me and still i will cling to that which is unspeakable know that i am weak. you know. pricks and pins and nights lost in time you cant make me spill it. medically speaking im insane. what i hear are the voices of reason and it was time for the seasons to change and here i am picking up the pieces as i have done so many other times. dash it all. dance on the ashes and see if they will spark interest in the after and the here. this is a bunch of lines and these are my bleeding call outs for open im casting my cares aside and i hope i drowned in the sea of emptiness as i so deserve to do. does this make any cents to you? im not in it for the money honey but if i dont make any they will look at me funny. this sick strange darkness comes on so haunting all the time and i find i can forget it if i just make up some rhymes i dont want to be found outside in the cold i would rather be frozen and die here alone with a rosary in my hand pleading please forgive me than to have to face the world and my self induced anarchy...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fuck you all

where do those sweet moments go? at what point did they all go away from me? i remember when i used to be able to feel. I used to be able to escape from the real and traverse into the not yet and be happy with what was meeting me there. no more. i cannot seem to have any hope. there is no unwritten. it is all a fucking pile of shit. i used to think that the best was yet to come now i think that i wasted that already. there is no such thing as happy in the future. hardship a plenty. whats a man to do with that knowledge. if i wasn't afraid of going to hell i would just hang myself for everyone to see. i would do it when everyone was sleeping so when they woke up their day would be just as ruined as my lifetime seems to be. fuck this world. fuck you all. i hate you. don't bother me. forget me. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you all. get the fuck away from me. leave me the fuck alone. i fucking hate you all. seriously. you ruined me.

but why

when they ask you
to grow up
do you want then
to dream
do they warn you
better grow up
if you wanted
to succeed
im trying
the best as
i can ever
do you
there is no glitter
only gutter
no twilight
no galaxy
im higher than hype
in deep
ever the wrong
im no right
come on
im covered in demons
im not all right
take me away
take me away
i need out
escape is not an option
nothing is what i want
nothing is
i want
lower i creep
still i do wrong
they sing me my song
im getting along
living oblong


as these seasons change and the flowers all curl up into themselves and die and the brisk wind comes in from the north and the people who forgot their jackets this morning curl up inside of themselves and want to die because they cant do anything right and the poor lost and lonely souls who are no better off today than when the summer began and they were sure that they would be the ones who got it right. shitty. stuck here in this God forsaken mess of fucked up fuck ups. here we go, going through the same damn thing. fuck it all blast it all into the stratosphere for all i care for i have been being and been aware and no matter how hard we try we are always the same the cycle is stuck on repeat and i am growing nowhere

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


and birds in my ears
can't seem to get
ahold of this missed
this burn me
this stake
where is it at
doctor doctor
give me the muse
i gotta bad case
no cure
the blues

At hacker

release me from this
semi self induced
this no shoulder to cry
this excuse my excuse

is this a dream
nightmarish scenes
that i regret
constantly i fret

over nother nothing
over again siren
sing me to death
came gone left

right my wrongs
ding like dong
king of kongs
deafening gongs

ringing in my ears
what a scene
sees not what peers
right back



taller now
beans talk
speaking of what they dare
never should have listened
pride left by the door
shot in the foot
and again
and again
never again
take what you want from me
you deserve it all
glory glory
hell if i know
fucked up
silly silly siren sounds
should have know
should have waxed my ears
stead i stayed up
waning moons
now though try I'm all dry
crying monsoons
swept away
out to sea
fuck this dream
cant escape my own
what else is a boy to do?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


ive been down a road riddled with doubters. like potholes they fake promises promises, why do we believe????? hark! eventually we are gladdened we were jarred and scar-ed so kicked around by destiny.... for making us exactly who we always were supposed to be. the one whos image we come from is the opposite of dumb, though some are deaf and blind too concerned with fast forward they need to rewind. to be was always vigil, it is in avoiding those potholes, learning, being taught what are the obstacles and what is not. we learn to come out of the fox holes and remember that we've got unearthly souls. the endless traffic that is  humanity, imperfect ed, lo never neglected, must unite 'gainst the foes black with death, uncountable crows that nest in our souls if we allow sin it boils us straight to hell forever there doomed to dwell... battle we seldom nuff for kept we're distracted, kept un-collective, shadowed by lies from the facts kids. Daddy our Abba may now be away, but alls not a playground and the time for sassy play will indeed have its day ....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Siht kc uF

not really
it is strangling this struggle and no matter it seems if i triple norph i double my efforts
the best worst is all i can get for lo
for woe
is me the issue
ive reinvented myself many times over
and no matter how far i bend backwards over
there seems to be no fourth leaf to my clover
fields of dreams are more pipe fitting than
reality seams
to deem fitting to fit me with fights
and i get the sharp point
and i been anointed
with oil with smoke
still poked, jester joked
through fire in hell
like as if the bitch mother earth is spelled WITCH
im bound
to be Christ
disliked and nailed
this cross is my destiny
my lips
on my boss'
his ass her ass
the asses
the masses
why for am i slow to find it
destiny like a snail in molasses
i want it now like that snotty chick from willy wonka
my dreams i cant catch them in outfield
im going extinct like Kevin Costner's tatonka

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Strong enough?
Its all for you
In signs
you bring me
to Christ
you drive me
to get closer
as close
as ill ever come
to earthly perfection
before you
i knew not
what a real man was
no body showed me
somehow you grow ed me
made me one
you are my only
how can i ever thank you
for this revolutionary
this life saving
this ever attaining
this no longer complaining
this always with you
ever remaining
this driving
to sanity
what was bound
to the flames me
i was blind to He
in you found i
this light you have shown me
from every bone the
best self for you im honing
rock steady
i phone thee
for you are my home
forever will roam
never more we alone
let it be known
you own me

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fore Al Waze

What good for art words to me
if they fail ever so miserably
to truly convey to thee
these feelings inside
of me
thousands of volumes
could I master
fully craft
yet insufficient 'twould be,
feel i daft.
never a morrow
nay never at all
will have I skill enough thorough
to relay sufficient
this ball,
this body
so massive
a world in itself
rotating ever round my soul
from heaven
as i stumble
round language in circles
naked like un suitable
is there a thing to explain it
it burns at my every
like an eternal flame lit
it brightens me
like a knights armor neath stars
so bright oh so bright
if on Jupiter moons
ye could see it from Mars
that which speaked of
is the unkillable
love I have o' thee
God blessed me sneezing like
with an angel such (achoo)
as you
seraphim in a woman's costume
i will ever follow
i will ever loom
i cannot seem to show you
i dare say ye shall 'ever know
precisely the gravity amassed have you
you pull me
volcanically i overflow
upon this page
to fractionally relate
how ecstatic like electricity
to be able to meant this state
mysteriously found
i am so inclined
aint no mountain high enough
to keep me from you
what an honor
madame twill be
when united become we
in holy matrimony
desire of you nothing save to accrue
your kisses
and memories new
as long as i have you
i will remain complete
never the ground
to again touch my feet
for you lift me higher
than i thought i could go
(and ive dreamed of being astronaughy
as well you know, ive told you so)
Oh Stephanie my darling dear
how i truly love you so
composed i this ballad for you
in hopes from it a smile will grow
upon that face
like the sun it shines
and inspires these
YOUR endless lines

Friday, June 17, 2011


the future glimpsed i
chanced i sceent it
bout fell outta sleep
in an excitement fit
for twas so bright
nearly had to wear shades
for never to end
are our glorious days
eternally we be got
ten times forever
sided like a car
leave yee will i never
enduring like the grandest
of canyons is our love
deeper than the deepest
measured is our love
tried to by galaxies
even then fell i short
from heaven is our calling
like a vessle is to port
courtly you my queen
me a mere blessed jester
but as far does set the sun like
our love would still be wester
in a perfect world of besties
you by far be bester
within me doth you agitate
in my wounds you fester
if i were a tree
and you were birdly
you'd be nestled in my braches dwelling
the heart of me would ever be swelling
tickled within so damn deeply
down to my roots id sappily seep thee
so much love it often escapes me
sweeter than syrup on pancakes be
unmovably id watch you sleep
never daring to wake you
not making a peep
and grow around you i wood as i do
id uproot myself if away ever you flew
id sprout tree wings
and shout from a tree mouth
"baby oh baby where art thou
why hath you flown south"
in chaos would be
what was dove peacely
seach i'd the world
with steadfast resolve
for the source
that life force
that makes me evolve
thats factual futurely
now and beyond
binded together
an unbreakable bond
for i am a planet
around you i revolve
never there a problem
you are my solve

Thursday, May 5, 2011


when little black rain clouds
that once hovered over honey trees
are far down the stream
carried by fresh smelling breeze
oft i find, over the rainbows
manifestations tote-ing truth
that sport bright shining halos
speaking wisdom, beckoning me:
let the honey bee's
honey be please
for the sweet often comes
with a most painful sting
'specially if so forced;
being cased within trees
kindly the kind be
through darkness this knight sees
that kingly the kings be
queenly the queen is
oddly thee G wiz
protective of whats hers she
giving worthy a new knew glee.
leave what is not yours:
take not for the take sake
break not lest broken,
unforce use your mind brake
take freely given a faith token:
in your own bath
you are bound to soak in
healed is the virtuous patient
that unhating waits
for patience makes good
& God not foresakes
the 'saken are only
for their own (not goodness) sakes
make due for now:
A shake up, the earth quakes!
what is long time coming is soon to be,
find it will thee in the summer's summing
long awaited is a long time coming
humming heard is the hummer's humming
hardly ever is a warning heeded
useless need not its repeating
like Al's birds the buzzing brings
to ones without the needed wings
snakely fates to the ones whoms sneaks
in heaven heard are all floor creaks
wanting will bring always wanting of more
deserve not you, real rewards are harder fought for
trickery tempts, resist to true reason,
such seething is the timing of this season
into trouble 'twill certainly get you
the bite will for certain certainly,
i undoubtingly bet you
havok reeks way down all creeks
sowing to those what is so simply shown
knowing inside they: can't know the unknown?
self show they those whom have to know
know not what they think they, no
they wait not for
their timely due
think they owed
leave IOUs
but writing checks
that cant be cashed
will get one burnt
hell's eternal heat rash

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Place for My Head

YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH AND APOLLO HIMSELF WOULD BEND AT THE KNEES TO HAVE HALF THE TIMES WE ARE ENDOWED WITH THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED SPIRALS WE FIND SELVES HEAVEN ASCENDING BUT APPRECIATED MY ONE TRUE DESIRE FROM GOD I AM LENDED THEE (un-a-loan). u are worth all the trials so i dare not to switch my radiation receiving soul dials and to think of you riles my internals like sand in the hour glass turned backwards as if sucked through a straw the past is undeniable and the cock crowing calls us to be addicted to each other like colonel sanders popcorn chicken gravy smothered and like kernels you go pop in my microwave filled head from top to bottom with white blue and red glowing flame you will always remain to me one and the same my fair lady never to fade thee are the one whom oft makes me crazy baby and till the day we part from this plane and return to whence we came i will proclaim your sweet sweet sweet to you always endowed the pick of the crowd i will scream it out loudly most proudly i beckon thee if i were the head you would be the neck of me

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FowL$E Pro(un)FiT$

Better now than before still have more and always fore
Words on page are worth not wage in this worldly stage
Caged in the capitalistic scheme of things where freedom
No longer rings the bell is broken as the fat cats soak in
Artificial sun beds and to each other castely weds makes red
My face as although I know my life's no waste still I feel ever
Encased in this artificial and superficial dream where the team
That used to pick the little brother up off the ground is gone away
For a night on the town. The children whom they left alone are
Like that kid in home alone. The robbers are entering
Through every open crack and support from the system do we lack
Slack in the rope and no mechanism to cope for how can we wash
When have we no soap. Eloped to the so sloped pyramid scheme
No longer endowed except he who deems to see fit his name glorified
So left are we along for the ride. The line is long, it is cold outside
Stead of a piece we faced in the get pied and the piles stack up
I'm calling for backup. Packingtown lets pack up and high tail it
Better yet lets coffin them and nail it so tight that they see no light
For the darkness of night has long been upon us
Truth only speaks to those being honest
If with yourself you have no wealth
For the worldly things
Hoarded by false kings
Will be accounted for
We are all human beings

Throw out these dogs!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sir Moore

God Bless you all. Act upon your love that dwells inside your heart, for it yearns to be shared. Four. That is what our Lord is, and ET es what thou art. Be smart in your pants and be calm in your rants lest you appear from above no more than fire ants. London Bridge is falling down, my fair Lady wears the only crown. The Queen Most High, the Mother of us all, floating midst clouds in the sky, has given me life, now I shall not die. Take not my words lightly thrown hard, be on your best est. Allow Angels to guard your every single breath until undertaken, Allah our Abba is Good all the time be there no missed nor mistaking. Opportunity knocks on your forehead, making your bed and you lie where you are led. Your life is more than just this game and is not just going to fizzle out, lest of course you take that route. We are not just robots. We are interstellar astro naughts, see yourself within these ink blots. Icky feelings come up from your soul, if learn to ignore them, you dig your own hole. Eventually you will find hells black back door, wealth full of sin, I'd RATHER be poor.

Monday, March 28, 2011


God is all bout sweet as candy in my mouth makes me wanna move my dancing feet negativity we can delete the enemy is no friend to me and Love is God he is plenty. Went the route of sorrowful doubt and now I see what life is about. Face the facts: if faith in Our Lord and Savior you doubt now it is time to look into yourself and free that out. Blame none but yourself for self woes, for heaven on earth is true: suppose, you don't accept the truth, know you better, assume to sleuth. Detect this: you neglect it, expect it, you wreckless. Witness this: I FOUND BLISS. One cannot dismiss the missed opportunities you lost, look you through a windshield frost-ed-ucate yourself I pray. with the Lord is the only way. Dismayed America, spoiled and blind. Tied up with the devil you binder twined. Turn your eyes away from the serpent by the grace of God I am learned. I learned it. Take your time, unwind your mind, then you will find this is more than rhyme. A crime against your human nature to stay self centered it a curse to be sure. Nurture your soul and foil the fake, un missed is my past, my own mistake. Take with you these words most true. God is real and he made you. Your choice is either to accept it or not, be sure that when you time ends and your body's in plot, if grounded not are you in His way, be not surprised, expect dismay. Never late is it to repent, that is why His Son He sent. Repent repent repent repent. Only then will you see what I meant. Mend your ways, have no fear, pray to God, His are here. I am one, a Father's son, too are you, so be it done, on to others as you would have it. Lest find yourself tumbling down holes like rabbits. The turtle wins the race as you well know, open your eyes for He will show, that once you accept what is in your real heart, better forever thou truly art.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We didn't start the fire

wow. the tao of ryno has not far from the tree grown into a tree in itself, indeed and in deed we are well wealthy and with glee do i see clearly our destiny to impressively and aggresively be the epiphany of compatibility if only we wrestle the satan out of we the left will be right and tight. almost biblically. in God we trust. he made yet is still making us US. my country tis of thee, my lady you liberate me musically. harmony. no more barney nor waiting. we are man not dinos and all that i knows is that hell is not where such as us goes. we will see cause we will will it to be....together for ever. Heavenly. Glory to God. he's the boss, we've a job. to do, we crew. Soldiers of faith, Angels light blue.

sen sis

 i smelled blue once. ate an orange too. heard a sun rise, and felt the moon
dreams are like that. making things blurry, while waiting in line i was in a hurry
i heard a rich man beg seen a sad man grin an honest man lie
seen a loser win and swam with some birds. all we are are a ship full o NERDs
sail we the seas and seeing killer whales chasing dragon tails all the while sending emails
these american tails are no farmer in the dells, things so to speak are ducky tail hails
that from storms are born and tho young i am worn only when we die are we truely reborn

keptrial project isle

i totally was like "you tell her baby" when i read that. way to be, you said that. shes a mooch and to you i would smooche if u were hear. do i make myself clear. she was way out of line and tho not looking she will find that you are more motherly than she, tho you have no children and she has three. me, jaden, and herself. you are the real and it aint about wealth. nor tis it ur job and unlike her ur no slob so dont sob bob cause you make my heart throb
and yes, im home baby. its nuts out. i got a lead on a job at shopko right here by home and imma fill an app out cause im into the zone. in the morn imma talk to the hiring manager after i go to church... i may yet tonight go shovel in the night, not only for brooke (who is crooked in theory) but perhaps some old lady or some one who is weary. you inspire my deary. your looks are what they appear he he. (beautiful) inside and out you are what im about and i shout without doubt you gush like a fountain on top of a mountain with love that streams down. done we clowning around. lets take this town and show them how we shut it down. you lookin good girl. lets go go get em girl go go go get em girl....


 amen to both of you lovely ladies whom care so much. one day ill carry you both now tho thanks fer the crutches and such its a blessing im confessing i love you's and dats true times two, tbc........


hey lady, u make my heart sing and i am sure that every thing is gunna be fine cause like a bud on a tree that is in the cold wind flailing im not just a bout to go sailing and wailing, no. this tree is the reason i continue to grow and you my love will reap what you sowe, so btw soon some day you and donna may should get together hey and make tickles in may cause the dust collecting thing she presented you has not even been opened. debt brings one gratitude. its all in the attitude.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


could it be worse than this?
peace be calm to my soothed absolved soul thank you
now i can dwell not in those silly silly places deep beyond my real
delighting now in the lighting now thanks
all praise flags raised we need a new banner
no longer can we clog we need to be out with the old
remember pogs?
out with that old useless and boring
this the morning
of the spring
of our humanity we have had it we
are sick of the fight
we know what is right
we can rid of the wrong
and around of world songs
ended with the gongs of the east ringing harmoniously with the bells of the liberty filled
our lady whom is God since she was his creation words are miraculas as apsen asperations
aves and philos of genetic heritage leaves
such laughable
understand we
how dare we
we know what is
and how this that
other things
what know we of that
only in our minds could see
what we attributingly rely upon
shall see
if not
all read
still then there is no time
to understand
before you die
as all mortals do
but your soul soldiers on
dress for the weather
the for cast is fore casted
calender based
this story last
this story
pass it

Thy king dumb why 4 howe cum

or maybe its the devil whispering in your ear...... perhaps all this "research" is negative fabrication without merit and without explaination, the really real way to make dreams come alive and to bring persons happy is none other than our own pride's leader our LORD and Savior.... i hear that in there too and know God speaks in universal truths no lie so if i were i whom i happen to be i would trust your heart and not all that you see

Thursday, March 3, 2011


all is not as negative as you paint it me thinks my dear. your brother in law facebooked me about the guard today..... seems as though he has faith in us... i love you and no matter what i swear i will make you AND YOUR FAMILY proud of me. FOR YOU. you inspire me and move me in ways no other human being has the capacity to. I am so in love with you. i dont know what to do. whatever you want me to is alright with me. ill be with you, good or bad, happy or sad. you are the glad maker. my wife say i was a baker. thank our maker. His love for us has the capacity of a trillion oil tankers. within his light making stores is the fuel for a perfect world. we can be like liberty. lighting ways for all to see. torching with kind love channeled by GOD the scorched earth policy of this rampant hypocrisy

youth of the nation

someone get me out of this place for a nice relaxed paced vay kay with you ey bay bay so we may make rediscoveries and find what our love has been is now and will always be, like God without end. yet some times it is hard to remember with forces about the simplest things, but without, such seemingly trivial woes i suppose; we would forget to enjoy the lil moes i ment. Lately im curling, a stones throw from glory but only hitting rocks. these are the moments and however minuscule they may be it is easy for a snowflake to cause a decree of : "watch out for that avalanche barreling down the mountain", our example is like that. WE are De Leon's mysterious fountain. I was born a mile high and though i can easily see the level, the devil shrouds the up from the down but just like the Earth all will come around to see and revil that which is being revealed the message is hot on Satan's cross dressing heels.

rome AND numerals


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a love like this takes some time

there seems to be a lack luster attempt
love no no's and this that and so so's
i dont suppose this prose is worth a fuck
no sir no such luck for an irish man with dreams of g-words
field me, plow me under, let me rot, bury me on the hospital cot
that seems to help and when recovery is at hand just throw the lot in a cold plot
forget me
in my stomache at the thought of such logic
the truth of the matter is not gin but tonic
ironic the phonics of iconic sonics best relay
bubonic plauges for the devil is at hand
gotta hava a fiddle to play in this band
only bandaids have i
only scars to remember by
privy thee to fully try
see only a pig and no american pie

Monday, February 28, 2011


i get by with a little help from my friends and trust in the lust that the love from our LORD brings and he sings through me when in my mind i keep the thought of his word and the wisdom bestowed fine young cannibals know that we are all coughing in this trap we have been caught in non believers are the meat cleavers to our dream weavers neither you Lenore, i, or more store in these domes within domes within domes sneaking poems in dirty zones ET phone home so this blown cover up will get the fuck sucked up out of your place for us ominous God above for you there are not abilities bestowed to us to justly show you the love that rusts over mortality and this cruel reality the beast has raped this planet with its inhumane bestiality LET ME BE A LION TO THIS OZISH WORLD SO COWARDLY

Sunday, February 27, 2011


the extreme difficulty of our relationship has me balancing on a sword's blade
we bade and wait for the moments that used to come frequently and now are sparse
is this a farce? is this compulsion to continually dwell some five and a half feet under
worth the never come of our summer, this winter of discontentment has went with enough
cold hard times to last our natural lives. our love yes does strive and yes we be alive
why then are we so often helpless in the divide. wild ride. subside. arrive. im sick of this dive
while ive not really done much to deserve anything good i feel that my woes are more inconsistent
unless i list that which when i sit with brings a rift into my existence from whence it did manifest
festering and molestering my will is desperately wanting to separate it as it dents and dents.
to God up i do repent. this pent has no place in his house thats why we have no home and i am home alone no phone. i miss you. the myth's true... he'll skip you, trip you, slip you route remind rewind turn
about. face this we waste this misplaced. fits, fist lists. knitwits. misfits. bottomless pitness. Chris't missed...


i know that you have seen this all this before. my grace is stranded in your face in my memory. it is not your fault but mine that i have to right my rhymes. i really fuck it up sometimes. when will we reappear? can you hear me calling your name all the live long days my soul yearns for you even when i am with you and sometimes it seems you are not with me it hurts me so much it hurts me so much. have courage as the lions do and we are bound to God determined to come out of this with pride and a voice to roar at the excuses i cannot lose this

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i made it home ok. had one table and made $8! rollin in the dough fo sho. i hope you dont not love me cause i want so damn badly to be with you ever second and i hope you feel the same and i reckon you do cause thats what you say and i trust you no fuss accustomed to your crusting to my molten core to hold me here forever more, encased in your landscape so laced like a fine dress you are truly impressively impressed with the mold of a golden angelic lyre st rummer and i want so badly to keep pace as your drummer and this summer no bummers will stop this leon ard force because my heart is stronger than a hat tricking horse while my father's line is nobly Norse ive a paternal matriarchal blood running course and i think i have honed on our previous pasts and like then i know now that this love doth not pass for the fated twined ages again someway repeat us and God once again has not nor shall retreat us. Defeat is not in our vocabulary for you and I are old as metamorphic sedimentary

Monday, February 21, 2011

St. Valentined

Cupid made us
shuffled us together
on a never ending play
list the way
i ponder
it is
right on the left
of you
you will see
my little flower
the one
I tawlx
time aft er
time before
I was a wondering soul
waiting to explore
the world with someone
guess what?...It's you!
truest God's angel:
God I love you!

Hard too

Like a tooth brush let me reach you way back in the mouth of your soul.
Hole through I peep your soul
and am speaking to it from the outside
cross legged in meditation
as close as it gets here I will sit
and learn
to control my fits
that blitz my reason.
It is treasonous to get so outside of who i am.
because of you
we wont have to pretend in our
minds that which we dream for
it will be the times
such as these that will allow future moments to become overwhelming
like multiple exponents
we proponents
have been shown it
it is us
we are it
all this is a skill set
met with defences and mutual counter-measures
whether we each will be stripped of these walls matters not to me for I'll sing
outside of your door
as long as right is three lefts
this craziness is self theft
no matter your orders i wont be dismissed
for my disorders
else slit my mortal wrists
so clenched fists pouring my life force around your closed portal
screaming till lungs fail and pale i will detail my immortal
emulation of elation
for you my gift
of God
's creation

Friday, February 18, 2011


what if God was one of us???
how about all of us.
become alive
moonshines the light from the sun
let us too be moonlike
apollo mt. olympus hike
spike this volley
hear the calling?
it is in you
we are who we are
once together
now a part
of the big
of destinies
of GOD

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


acts like summer
walks like rain
reminds me that there is time to change
tell me, would you sail with me across the sun
where we could wait and anticipate
sol vacation
soul maturation
they shun
f what they be
talkin bout hun bun
im done done
we should be run run
inging singing bells ringing
ding ding ing


you gotta fight for your right to life liberty and the pursuit of an impossible dream in today's global human network. all seeing eye and we are all beholding a share. Destroy or repair? Buyer beware we aware and this Americans dream is a cross to heavy to bare. bull or bear prepair for a world where greed is nowhere lest we kill ourselves like always. Now. Here. Re evolution. re appear. Magic hats and white rabbits lost down black holes the toll master doesnt take master card. figure that out. starded nacht thee's phyres burning they as old as world be turning. disconcernting are not y'all yearning for the cup or some cake with a punch lets all pause and all do lunch the whole God blessed world or damn it all to hell not this want i to in such a place dwell. The Moon, Mars and Antarctica, not some neo dark aged new world order-DUMB

Thursday, February 10, 2011


saw her in the amazon, with the voltage riding down her cleve..... she got the power in her hand, making electricity. bastard love daughter from zeus, half siren she known to seduce. lightning storms out from her tounge, infinate her breath of lung. 

who girl? you shock me like an electric eel
i say who girl? turn me on with electric feel

ring ding dong bell like she sung. osolation power of the lung, singing inDEAFinetly, seperation mastery, once you hear her in your mind, already lost reason to rhyme, puts the harm in harmony, the kind of hear you'll never see

fool girl? thought you'd get the best of me
schooled girl. what did you expect of me

i could feel ya
electric field yea
magnetically yea
i could feel it.......

(did you feel that?)
(can't you feel that?)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

accept that we are never neglected

IGNORE- ance: the root of most misunderstandings. elect this: only listen and be receptive and you too will be accepted stead of -NEGLECT-ed. education. POSITIVE-ity is the only PROGRESS-ive philosophy, no matter how ity bitty it be. it tends to be tended to. like flocks we drink from the loch. through our reflections we see our sheepish selves. black or white? ying and yang. hunch back. norte. dame. a little parable. off the shelves. truth is given freely but sells. monte cristo cells. break out. Christ seller. open cellar. the door is open. straight the route. climb on out. take not. give out. lend hand and ear. fear is the mind killer steer your ship clear. controll your. own yourself. i've learned now, see how, bough broken now i soak in God on high. tho i be-LOW. Lulleby. Quietly. Wis. per easternly wind he whisper to me. Wisked me. this was bliss for me. Lull'd he by me and i for he. always was. always will be. showed. miercoles. Miracle. mirror'o actuali'. act your will. own what is yours. grown. not owed. not bought any. LOVE is given most freely, today he spoke to me sow i see'd the light and the might of those things not a sight to see but a way to be. see? asi/asi.


summer time and the living is easy
riding through the streets of GB
Ryan Leonard dawns the Ryno in Brown County
oh take this veil
what am i going to be doing for a while
playing with myself
show them now we've come off the shelf

InN GOD we TrusT

one of the only real memories of my great grandfather Foral that i have is of him telling me that if i ate the crust on my toast (i think i was being picky) that it would help me to whistle, for i could not at that point in my life and as i recall wanted to badly.
You are like that to me Stephanie
you are like the crust
you help we whistle
and together we have learned to sing praise
for that is right, as well as being thankful
which i most definetly am
great full in turn eternally infinitely
we live on this big pie in the sky
God has a plan for you and i
when the moon hits your eye
when we are miles high
and we say beautiful truths that
bring tears and we cry
its like or it is exactly LOVE
pray to the most high above
maker of heaven and earth and its folk
im cereal as christ chex that aint a joke
no longer need cooking we baked to perfection
God hath done us service by teaching us these lessons
Hes lessening our misery
and my country tis of thee, that makes our audience three
(myself, my love, humanity)
we three: one light
No longer shadowed bask in light
no matter the circumstances we face
we must remember we all run on fates pace
no race
nor country nor sects nor whatever
there is no use anymore for devices clever
for whatever reason this was all just a test
and techno has never sounded the best
but the implications for manned space stations
these stepped pyramid stones
we must trust in our best friend
Hope comes in trust
And trust comes from our pasts
God's cred holds up
How long will ours last?

Monday, February 7, 2011

t1r1u1e b1l1u1e m1o1o1n

 she is the one that sheds the light on the dark side of this moonish balance we are all grounded in physically but she is the epitamy of oppositic harmony could i clone her id take three im sure sometimes she wishes to have 1/3rd of a me opportune opposity approx...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

See? Shore.....

A holy Moe Lee word slew.
Booya baby! Contrewed stews; ode to you.
Garfield fat on love expressions,
our love will be the stuffing of legends.
Shells on sea shores we will sell. Stuffed.
Plant and pick pickled peppers. Puffed.
Tis known moses supposes
his roses to be toes' supposedly:
we faithful we placed a blue rose
anti-burning bush by sea.
The variety's history is shrowded mysteriously.........
And in the night when the moon hits your eyes,
and we gaze across time into the stars in the skies;
when i sing you to sleep sweet love lullabys,
and you fall deep into sleep:
as deep in my arms
as the oceans are deep,
-be not suprised when into I creep
your wildest dreams. Your thoughts
are mine are mine as well. You are heaven sent.
An angel fell.
Like a wave we roll; each round we swell.
Gaining momentum every singlular moment passing.
A tangle of emotion, sands in the hour-glass-glassing.
These are the days of our lives lass. Sing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A long walk

painstaking in title town
troubled past
on my last
still i hang arounD
got no banks got no cred
just faking my way,
faking a way
cry outloud
and i need you
and i miss you
and now i wonder
i fell last fall
into the sky
did you think time
could pass us by
cause you know id walk a thousand miles
if i could just please you
its hard times like this
when i think of you and i wonder if
you ever think of me
staring blankly ahead
just making a way
just making my way back
through the crowd

For Mate Showns

So here again I find myself in you
The way you are and those things you do
And ever if you doubt my feelings or devotions
Perhaps this poem can convey my emotions

I find it hard to keep my form
As of late it's outside of my norm
But in order to prove my love so true
I will keep inside lines; my tribute to you

Its naturally flowing from my pen
No doubt I'll transfer to computer then
I can send this love way out among
Other waves of love spoken without lung

By breathing in the air around
And holding it in I can hear the sound
Of your deepest affections directed tword me
And these are mine directed tword thee

A match maker couldn't have matched us so well
We both born in spit fire, stubborn as hell
I'm glued to you darling if you cannot see
And these are my feelings directed toward thee

My hope is they suite you
Just as you suite me
A blind man could sense this
Godsent attraction between
The pheromones and psychic
Connection we share
If ever opposition
They'd better beware

Hungry like wolves
We live for the nights
When we are cured of this madness
All barks without bite
We have witnessed the future
A product of our past
As resolute as ever
We approach our fates fast

Approaching bliss we can't stop this
We had best prepare our bucket list
For like a rocket
Bound for space
Once ignited
Its all one pace
Thats our word
So fast approach we
Tis superbly absurd

Go Pack Go

Rothlessberger. M&M's they call him slim cock thats concerning. Master baitin like Sheilds on the ends of grassy noles while the big boys at the door takin the controls, but the bitch is the blood boils, actions have recoils, and what you thought was yours was not and now we backpack packed with your spoils. No steel here all plans foiled. we pickin up scraps from rapists thats a rapture their diss. Ass. Terds. Roe roe roe ur boat back to Del wherever ville. Terf toed. I can see a blowout and ensuing laughter. don capers a super man to man crafter. and home maked baked till just right is ted's thompson's tommy gun with full package dual weilding the poise and fielding. of the six points per touch down and 6 rounds per gun #12 has a dozen shots he will be forget me not knot in the lasso of El Passo in Dallas yo that big rodeo. Born in Cali where green is good Lambeau seasoned and well fed in GB hes where he should BGee.  Golden and Green hes a bull with sharp horns ready to stick it where it dont shine in Prime time. All of the lights there is steel but it aint stainless we bring the pain with us in McCarthy and the Packers I so do trust.

What Plants Crave

lyre plays
sitting posing
for a steampunk
Victorian revival
re renneisance
Hark the angels in my heart pull strings
Like a childish puppet show this spring brings
Light to this mini darkage inaccustomed
I feeling so aquatic I want now to function
New junk tons of junctions
Con fung shuns
Fung shwayze
St. Patrick
Am I Immoral

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New World Order

unrest cant sleep
egypt has failed
this new generation
bonded by the net
technological world
now we get details
twitter facebook email iphone
bouncing back from darkage ozone
bouncing signals the people speak
how to mask what they really think
how when have we now this link
there is no hiding there is no fear
communication has appeared
the people always are the same
want whats good and right for shame
this sham has gone on long enough
the tide is rising the seas are rough
Arabs Muslims and christian souls
Jews and Hindus tribal olds
are mortal all and pay our tolls
to the same divine force
translated differently
understood removed
each hold credit
our fortunes pooled
a dialogue
one grand song
we monophthongs lets diphthong
try athelon
a monocathelon
ideathon tele
prompted tronic
lests us not
forget of phonics
not moronic
this audacity
ceases to be chronic
isn't it a little too ironic?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


sending you vibrations on the light stream that binds us and its kind words like remind us lets us find us interpersonal blindness too much info so un simple lifes a pimp full of woes and tills what hoes does planting rose buds for men like this one to let minds like yours run about through meadows hopes your thoughts flow out your window and catch the wind here cause our love dear has that power you my flower see into you any hour you a cake i would devour sweet not sour china tao er ying i wang chung you a bell i rung you songs like gong dings to you my heart sings had i half wings id go where god brings know its next to you through i through you crash into you you my blue you my lovest true you my gifts i give you

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A symbol?
this is what it sounds like
the sweat of your body covers me
can you my darling can you picture this:
you and i engaged then a kiss
you dressed in white strike curious poses
this what it sounds like when we fly
stop time interlocking internal bliss
how come life just leaves us standing
alone in the world thats so cold
maybe im just too demanding
maybe im just like my father
maybe im just like my mother
shes never satisfied
why do we scream at each other
i feel how you tremble inside
how do we keep on withstanding
this is what it sounds like
my dove dont cry

Re: Whynd

7x7_11th time machine dreaming of 1986 in February 25 reversed rotations round son would bring me back to when the sun rose the morning i escaped cave of darkness and unreason and so began these times of the seasons a quarter of a century has gone in a flash and i stand just as naked as the backthen in the passed up opportunities and easiest ways out of instead of what i thought id be im just a clown left juggling the remnants of my self destruction ive exponentially zeroed now doubt this function the algebra doth not oft compute and deserving of this destiny i cant refute a mad man hatt-less in birthday suit the train is passing and destitute is the same ole cold town i want to escape they cage me up stage me up slave me up rape this planet of apes pen torn from my cold dead hands alls left is the play of words that consumes and stretches me back rubber bands play harmonic reverberations that sing proclamations of new destinations if only my appreciation of this current situation would appear apperationally all ways of thinking and im as deaf dumb and mute as the day i first appeared and its no longer cute

Sunday, January 30, 2011





The Future

I know, again with the machines, and whats this? Playful prose I suppose that no one will remember or cares to know that this chaos in theory is super juxtaposed unto our entire being don't you real eyes?
What has gone on here?
NFC power of blue angles in the endzone. No need post poned. Eat right and take care of yourself. Miles above the Austin localization mad observation he's it ation. O bomb a nation.
Re tail i Hatian. Basket case full of broken baisins stolen from the cellar door.
Falling out of shelter shook upon a tree whist napping took I looked but saw not what thought I, twas not lightning in the sky but thunder pounded the country side and my thoughts immensed with not yet bride oh thime and alabaster grown a ecoplantation regressive Sobo.
O so slow the days they passed and never thought twould never last and Huckles and berries on vine did grow as on the river listened to flow of water never ceasing smooth it easing snakely pretty groves and now what route but flood create the bombs that drop and hillside rape.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


see right through you any hour
i wont sooth your pain
i wont ease your strain
youll be waiting in vain
i have nothing for you to gain
just in time
in there i place
where have i placed my ace
i must sooth the pain
i must ease this strain
no more waiting in vain
nothing from this to gain
failing every forward my gaze
just in time
in there i placed
suddenly emerging with grace???????????????????????
? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ??? ? ???????? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??? ?

grace of

take a bow

"be one of those guys who dies alone and spends his life feeling sorry for himself"
i had an idea that she was right but i guess i put too much faith into myself and not
enough in God because I swear he gave me a chance and i pissed it away because
i take an inch and take a lightyear and i manifest what i lacked as a child because
for some reason or another not enough times of mine had smiles and i wisked away
in busts of glee and at night my own voice was the only thing for me to hear in the cold
and loud hot quiet summer nights where i lay in my father's second hand room once removed
from his version of my stephanie but he had a heads up and strong family ties now the economy
has been stripped of the lies only one bastard child, I, had he to support doubt he like i now had
such constant want to contort and suffacate with a noose round my neck and watch dead as somebody comes in to inspect why Ryan wasnt anywhere to be found today and they all will wonder and then want to say that the good in us all is there inside his casket and that pushed pulled and torn up he oft not flipped but grass sits still minds and rhymes only pass times between the torment inside of my soul for the lack of understanding and the will once and for all to be happy upon my own bodies way yet my mind makes me mention that even the bread makes one act upon influences not really known so i cant fault myself for i feel fine while im stoned wish now i in Rome way back in the day for Id get stoned to death for saying what i say this free society they call it is a jungle as sinclair says and i can certainly see what he visioned in his head what is read is whats said in an unconcious way and impossible is it for me to ever say what i dont say, this way off into a different wave flow is the only best possible way that i know not to end all the madness i live everyday tragic is becoming this so called life play

Saturday, January 22, 2011

de feat

zombie insomni omni bomb me
there are balls of molten lava
that as if my life were a video
jeux sans frontier game over
reset push the button but
dont touch that dial to be
or not to be continued
like sands in the hour
glass slippers cinders
hell a frozen over red
mars rover send aman
do u copy GODSTOPME

Thursday, January 20, 2011


i just realized you are right
you are lucky
not me though
not chose can't complain
will though
waco me up
lego and eggo
ergo my ego
id be a sham
to waste this
no place
per insistance
persist can`t

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


z lights
crossed up
silent films caught in space
all ways
computer paced
her heart
walk through my door
peasant surfdumb
pair of plumbs
peter paul gabriel
save we all
order tall

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leo Ness

humming tunes of wonderment and im bewildered at my prediciment there is now here no way to convey that my stiff forever is here to stay and i am gay as you may very well be aware of by now because nobody asked but still i tell that i am so in love with this girl by my side that she roars in my heart with lioness pride my ride be striding my smile be widing time abiding we be briding i groom my main she squeezes me to weezing until she stops midst to search the sun for she sneezing the breezing wind blows the savannan sunset and like that i feel for her every ticking sec

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Any given

it is Stalingrad cold out there
warming myself against you prep air
i know you no wanna be awakey today
but there is world to explore. its you my lady

Uno one can D-cleat
pocket poised 4 no defeat
sock less I. you like to feel feet
sans you i emptily in-come-de-plete

-ed. tackle this day like
tis sunday & we da Pack
delaying this game stuck in da sack
if i were a gun you would be my gun rack

we conjoined sleepy seamed
each a necessity to this winning team
is a common cause and common dreams
so lets trot the globe spotting scenes like beams

lasery blinding multiplying vibes
the world our canvas we so artists
sleeping us now opportunities missed
waking you now best of ways: through kiss

wish i all days like this
it is time to rise now fair miss
to a shotgun gun shot hot of bliss.
weaponized we with Stiff-Ryno-ness

Friday, January 7, 2011

RE: Parting

the memory remains he will be on our shoulders helping like atlas us moving boulders the older we get the more sense the advice that was given makes more sense i sense in a sense that there is no such thing as past tense only a repeating return from came we whence i miss him too bro and its never too late no not repetitious to state that Paul you were a man great living as still you are late we are running behind you but will see you in the big ride in the sky on some not yet date until then we wait.  balls to the walls. God deals our fate on a scale. life is a gambling game. a big pool of existence. cue. you are forever an 8/8. turn it sideways that's infinity over one. forever. i guess its all how you look at it. from what i can see with my back facing third eye is you are a heart kick starter. bittersweet sorrow reflecting your departure.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


broken into this world and im breaking it down
broken in to that i can attest this is all that i detest
digesting that the ones who got it right the first time are
digesting all my dollars because they are on top. So far.
this pyramid scheme is just that; a dream where no eye sees
this is no team, are no i's save a 'we.' a player of the game
capital is um....wheez... neh. not the best way sorry to say
capitalize on the fee bill hey? but they are not your prey. Pray.
but god wont hear you when you have a mouthful glutton
but the devil will fill you with the greed that ironically seemingly
consumes your very being. no gains. no purgatory. surprise!
consumers of life they recycle decay thrice more by day. Lies.
morbid to watch and be the whisperer watching those dogs
more bids for contracts to monopolize upon they high rise
gone past go and no such thing as slow you know. $200
gone and going to run this vessel dry you see lets be 300
wrestle who though? the crew has gone mad like hatters
rest will settle them something has to. so lets take back
what is right fully ours. Glory! Blessed be the Stripes and Stars
what is free? not we. instead in a wood shed behind our own bars

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


gone on adventures without me but i am along with you
errands that have your eyes squinting and im hinting that
every single moment that i am without you my mind is on
you running past and future scenarios that are mostly my
idealistic and paranoid sickness fantasies but they cannot
compare to actuality because there have been moments
in time that capture my essence and define to me what it
is to be alive and what love is. i miss you and will continue


Shut it down like a computer these manic machines are running away with our dreams
Everything on this Earth is so digital dirty bitten twice lies as the human cries i despise
Like Franky said lets do it right yea bon voyage joe shmoez we all be our country?
Privy thee to see bastards past the manure pastures of heaped bull shit high on they sit
Too legit to quit hey hey? Live longer if you display the final act of this play instead of this suspense that has been in past tense past tense im living in mother fucking tents and mangers for Christ's sake? Keeping safe not locked up yet but someone is controlling the minds of the masses and they are becoming slower than lard and milled asses these donkey dicked pricks are still past due for licks and licks but how many will it take to get to the tootsie roll center that we are all just dying to know and no longer do we want to wait we want to bite that shit and taste the sweet sweet ness that is eternal bliss in cased in this hard outer shell of Resistance im past persistence and only have i meet resistance resistance