Tuesday, November 29, 2011


those damn noises
their footsteps
their mindless laughter
who cares what they are talking about
dont they understand
that below them is a poor
foot sore girl
who works too hard
gets kicked from inside
too hard
to have patience for their foolishness
no doubt they dont care
their alcoholic
their dumbing down
their zombifying
their reality numbing
is too important to them
to give a shit
yet i am witness
to a poor girl tormented
by pounds from above
that disturb her much needed slumber
she works too hard
she tries too hard
she strives too hard
to make rent for this her space
to have it selfishly invaded
night after sleepless night
by some dumbed down
worthless pricks
who are wasting away their futures
wasting away their hard earned
for some cheap high
that will get them nothing
less than nothing

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


In the beginning
in the before
when lost I was searching
for something, something more
before the term faith
was one I could define
this was written.
we are touched.
finger of divine.
crossed our paths
forever entwined
neither straight
nor curved
all dotted lines...
etc... forever
never not ending
when found we the other
started returning, to heaven ascending.
though imperfect
as all of this world is
the choice is past natural
not ours, it is His.
we are supposed; predisposed
open to the possible
hours a book unwritten
never-ending, never closed.
chosed before we could even choose
the struggle's never trouble
when we be completely (in sign language you complete me)
so fused.