Tuesday, December 27, 2011


this oral fixation has got me pacing like a not so fast but leading none-the-less car while my nerve endings are on my ass like caution flagged eager racers just dying for the go ahead is it all in my head or am i living a life of a doomed to be dead forever man stuck as a slave to phillip the more in my pocket cowboy killing man because obviously uncle sam allows the scam and my mouth can fall off and my jaw can eat itself away and you could pull out countless lungs and ring the tar like sham wow towels with deathly darkest tar and you could talk like a robot into a box like a robot in a smokey bar but nobody notices that the choice was never ever a realistic endeavor rather a hooked for life loop hole slot machine lever that is monstrously clever

Monday, December 5, 2011

Matthew 15:27

Young Americans
we are we are
the youth

twits and tweeters
trails of trash
in walled street parks
reciprocal dispose able
stay inside after dark
two can't
uncle sam
fruit loops
yes we am
a crowd? please,
you're not neo-post modern
a candle in the windy city
jumping on whats caught on
not even medieval
weaseled by evil
into thinking true
a sleep over will do
but they wont even allow you
to occupy the public space
they know you're afraid
of another
kent state
they the masters
you the bait
you'll swallow the hook
they patiently wait
getting jerked around
like a tricky dick
no robin hoods
just poor and sick
just crooked crooks
that babble like brooks
we pawns
they the rooks
super powers
full on selves
writing our history
melting ice shelves
devouring liberty
no justice at all
we begging for crumbles
if they allow them to fall
down to we dogs
as they feast our souls
burning to ashes
and we are the coals
we fall asleep
to their lies
this is their banquet
they cover our eyes
with a security blanket
Tienanmen square tank it
we bend at their will
bout time we break it
unclose-able market
they drive the sports car
they pull up we park it
they run while we crawl
displaced in this place
just rats in a race
self imprisoned
self encased
our freedom?
they bank it
painfully stabbing
into heart stake it
they net us
till worthless
their purse is
filling their bellies
not showing nor telling
yet we eagerly buy
whatever they're selling
we rent out their dwelling
greed's thirst we're quelling
all for the their rush
at a closing bell's ring
its bull shit
you know
they reap
while we sow
still plowing
we their fields
dreams buried 'neath
their surplusing yeilds
peasants unite
now's feudally realistic
these not clever words
I'm not pessimistic
this world's not pretend
it is time to defend
our own futures they lend
return what they send
they make us their slaves
it is time to make waves
rock lets the boat
come out of your caves

theirs not a hand that is the slightest bit helping
rather it brings fear and anticipational yelping

even a dog will beg for master's table scraps
and learn to accept the brutalizing attacks

yet hand that feeds the starving soon bleeds
because only so long is this leash that it leads