Thursday, December 23, 2010


if i could write you a song to make you fall more in love
i would already have done it at the end'd be a gong
i give treats not tricks i hope you like this
but you won't now you don't like me

if every simple song i wrote to you could touch you through the day....
because within this here my best way display you would never question leaf in may
this one is for you my flower your power makes mad men fetal and cower

like bohemian rhapsody im a space cowboy giddy don't dare pity
me up where the clouds become down i break through you my city

i have got you all figured out
you say terrible things damn you're so damn mean
girl you are so vain you think this poem is about you
don't you
cooler than me? no body that occupies these places can toe to toe in my stride paces
this rat is racist white like paste
care for a taste?
whoops ease
missed some don't pause, with haste:
time is a waste of itself while we sacrifice health in pursuit of wealth

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


up too early for my girl of girls easily convincing she be puts spells on me in half sleeps and whispers subliminal messages while i dream of her anyhow 

shorty is a ten times over she my four leaf clover

tattoo on her ankle where i have a scar in i need never she far

away from me oft she be but sublime when into her i climb

me from mountains her by mar i on foot she in car

peas and carrots thats whats up doc surgical when she ____s my ____

torrential rain soaking wet like whoa her love ready set

go to fro ever mine forever more she my sea i her shore

come crash into me my love i the dark you white dove

smooth like silk so fresh so clean we the real we dream in team

Sunday, December 12, 2010

33 and a third

you make me promises promises
why do i believe?
how know i not you knotting making fake weaves
the grass shakes and so does the leaves
the winds of change the way of things
who we are and what we iz
looking at a naked eye wishing i had a gun
all in all we laughed like kids at all the silly things we did
you made me promises promises
you said you'd never leave

looking for you

you heard im good with them words right
this follow me flow gets plauge sick tight right?
not everyone knows or chooses to see what you can
thats exactly what struck me when you called it like hike you syke me up
the angelic aura that is your flora esque essence is like the suns rays
this world is clouded convict illumid
i will never leave you i am the rooted in you and you are the tree
the cold wind blows the snow and it sure as shit is piled on high
the rings are inside and are time telling inside squirrel and submarine dwellings
great flood waves swelling
majikal spellings harry potter best selling
she sea shore selling cupid arrows
heart queen with lazer light beams causing frenzy
bending me every wicken way i cant lie
you are the apple and i the providential eye because

Saturday, December 11, 2010

shy vegas

we been tryin ta figure it out
you say you gotta leave but i know you wanna stay
oh na na whats my name whats my name
i got that something that keeps you so off balance
you make me explore my talents
hey girl i really wanna be with you but you're downtown without me
hey girl i really wanna be with you cause we are so alike na na na na
steph anie thats your name steph anie thats your name thats your name
hey girl i would snowshoe down to coast you see just to be what youre to me
i swear you got me loosing my mind.........................

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


what do i know kanye
i know we aint never talked but i like you are on display
memory museum i like to go and see them be in them
stanish i feel like me you and em should all be being friends
nas tea ish times are hard be time survivors like fivel roll west fresh to death nothing less than death in the valley im going back to cali
i dont think so
im going back to cali LL and just like you im a knock their moms out and give em this hell
fire and damn nation
space stations
battle stations
re equate
re equations
pro claimations
con alienations
humanity is gods incarnation than lets emanicpate evil and go pro like have a show on hbo peter pan crow crows skinny janes in low lows the doctor needs to make a house call yall and till my majic beans are spilled this arty ficial quill will spill

too slow soon

more alive now red eye will strive to survive now
these clowns around make such funny sounds how
all i can do is as they too put a smile on my face
circular circus show this place is displaced in space

the rings around saturn seem like they would be nice
we could stop and scope while looking for christ
thrice god made his way back to us perhaps its time
to go visit him is that some sort of religious crime?

ten dimes makes one dollar thats 1/47th a ton of coal
fast approaching we the winter solstice of our souls
hurdled masses racing races running relays hurdling
leaps and bounds boxing day rounds head hide turtle ing

discontenting winter the cold wind blows it stings being so hard
spring will be on the in sink or swim world signed get well card

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


man i am aging these years accelerate by all the while learning how to keep myself smiling these holly jolly christmas times are the best for making sayings and rhymes something about the cold nostril chilling air that invokes and inspires no season compares except haps spring but thats a nuther story either which way im enjoying this morning's glory i saw the sun rise and the season is merry less have i now but not am i weary i fear not fear for it as they say is fearable and mind killing passing through me it ignites me this fire infernally in suing but this holiday smolders and i feel as if i could move boulders like atlas hold the world on my shoulders

Sunday, December 5, 2010

fround upsigh downd

more i love yous than smiles my frown how it
strings draping down hangy all saggy like
like the folds of aged skin or a silk cloth falling on a stair
i miss her soft skin and the kiss of her lips
droopy and dropsy i meander roundish
faith and desire the swing of her hips
she drowns me in love memory of
i swim fluidly through her so due her
the essence of her soul is a color that can only be felt
gravity forces me on this rock but her power succeeds that pull
attraction to her magnetics she is the embodiment of all aesthetics
come and get high and let sloosen these lips
possessed impressed by the swing of her
stirs me like a blender i surrender white flagged
magically she high like a jet behind her i lagging
majestic angelic hypnotic her spell sticks
prickly perhaps personally no pretending
presently more pleasantly continually mending
lest loose not hesitantly we be forward moving
dueting the music of life we moving and grooving
on the record we like to neck we like to nerd
karate chop headlight antics praying mantis we absurd

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ire placeable

what is my name?
check the tags
they will be tied around my toes
hanging out of my body bag
like a puppet without strings
limp and lifeless like a crash test dummy
the calls in the morning, the ruined days
shreiks of grief and many un answerable questions from the children
where did he go? what is that? he is sleeping?


Tis the season to be jolly
instead i am curled up in a ball
terrified alone as the wind picks up
the water is frozen to the bottom of
the cup that was begged for
and reluctantly given
a bum on the streets with no place to
live in the december nights life day
to day slowly crumbling before himself
to his dismal dismay ever backward
he's walking and all while they gauking
about the facility of it all
still he lies fetal in his ball
estranged all tangled and dismissed
it would be fitting if a rose was
his last true loved kissed
as they nestle all warm in their
cozy soft beds he lay
bitter on the ground as he thinks
of his kids whom have started
to forget him although he right there
when no place to lay through their window
he sometimes peers and prays wholey to god
some daily to release him from his mess
but the efforts are returned not manifest
"be better best like the rest of the lot"
says the kettle to the pot
people who go on and don't fuss much
are the happies sort of the whole damn bunch
to be reduced to a myth like the great loch ness
as the headline will read he was frozen through
these word will serve as my immortal gift
if any care to read them ore cares nuff to sift
there is worth in these words
they come from my heart
shattered and shivering just laying
more free than thee i art
through mine art