Thursday, December 23, 2010


if i could write you a song to make you fall more in love
i would already have done it at the end'd be a gong
i give treats not tricks i hope you like this
but you won't now you don't like me

if every simple song i wrote to you could touch you through the day....
because within this here my best way display you would never question leaf in may
this one is for you my flower your power makes mad men fetal and cower

like bohemian rhapsody im a space cowboy giddy don't dare pity
me up where the clouds become down i break through you my city

i have got you all figured out
you say terrible things damn you're so damn mean
girl you are so vain you think this poem is about you
don't you
cooler than me? no body that occupies these places can toe to toe in my stride paces
this rat is racist white like paste
care for a taste?
whoops ease
missed some don't pause, with haste:
time is a waste of itself while we sacrifice health in pursuit of wealth

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


up too early for my girl of girls easily convincing she be puts spells on me in half sleeps and whispers subliminal messages while i dream of her anyhow 

shorty is a ten times over she my four leaf clover

tattoo on her ankle where i have a scar in i need never she far

away from me oft she be but sublime when into her i climb

me from mountains her by mar i on foot she in car

peas and carrots thats whats up doc surgical when she ____s my ____

torrential rain soaking wet like whoa her love ready set

go to fro ever mine forever more she my sea i her shore

come crash into me my love i the dark you white dove

smooth like silk so fresh so clean we the real we dream in team

Sunday, December 12, 2010

33 and a third

you make me promises promises
why do i believe?
how know i not you knotting making fake weaves
the grass shakes and so does the leaves
the winds of change the way of things
who we are and what we iz
looking at a naked eye wishing i had a gun
all in all we laughed like kids at all the silly things we did
you made me promises promises
you said you'd never leave

looking for you

you heard im good with them words right
this follow me flow gets plauge sick tight right?
not everyone knows or chooses to see what you can
thats exactly what struck me when you called it like hike you syke me up
the angelic aura that is your flora esque essence is like the suns rays
this world is clouded convict illumid
i will never leave you i am the rooted in you and you are the tree
the cold wind blows the snow and it sure as shit is piled on high
the rings are inside and are time telling inside squirrel and submarine dwellings
great flood waves swelling
majikal spellings harry potter best selling
she sea shore selling cupid arrows
heart queen with lazer light beams causing frenzy
bending me every wicken way i cant lie
you are the apple and i the providential eye because

Saturday, December 11, 2010

shy vegas

we been tryin ta figure it out
you say you gotta leave but i know you wanna stay
oh na na whats my name whats my name
i got that something that keeps you so off balance
you make me explore my talents
hey girl i really wanna be with you but you're downtown without me
hey girl i really wanna be with you cause we are so alike na na na na
steph anie thats your name steph anie thats your name thats your name
hey girl i would snowshoe down to coast you see just to be what youre to me
i swear you got me loosing my mind.........................

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


what do i know kanye
i know we aint never talked but i like you are on display
memory museum i like to go and see them be in them
stanish i feel like me you and em should all be being friends
nas tea ish times are hard be time survivors like fivel roll west fresh to death nothing less than death in the valley im going back to cali
i dont think so
im going back to cali LL and just like you im a knock their moms out and give em this hell
fire and damn nation
space stations
battle stations
re equate
re equations
pro claimations
con alienations
humanity is gods incarnation than lets emanicpate evil and go pro like have a show on hbo peter pan crow crows skinny janes in low lows the doctor needs to make a house call yall and till my majic beans are spilled this arty ficial quill will spill

too slow soon

more alive now red eye will strive to survive now
these clowns around make such funny sounds how
all i can do is as they too put a smile on my face
circular circus show this place is displaced in space

the rings around saturn seem like they would be nice
we could stop and scope while looking for christ
thrice god made his way back to us perhaps its time
to go visit him is that some sort of religious crime?

ten dimes makes one dollar thats 1/47th a ton of coal
fast approaching we the winter solstice of our souls
hurdled masses racing races running relays hurdling
leaps and bounds boxing day rounds head hide turtle ing

discontenting winter the cold wind blows it stings being so hard
spring will be on the in sink or swim world signed get well card

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


man i am aging these years accelerate by all the while learning how to keep myself smiling these holly jolly christmas times are the best for making sayings and rhymes something about the cold nostril chilling air that invokes and inspires no season compares except haps spring but thats a nuther story either which way im enjoying this morning's glory i saw the sun rise and the season is merry less have i now but not am i weary i fear not fear for it as they say is fearable and mind killing passing through me it ignites me this fire infernally in suing but this holiday smolders and i feel as if i could move boulders like atlas hold the world on my shoulders

Sunday, December 5, 2010

fround upsigh downd

more i love yous than smiles my frown how it
strings draping down hangy all saggy like
like the folds of aged skin or a silk cloth falling on a stair
i miss her soft skin and the kiss of her lips
droopy and dropsy i meander roundish
faith and desire the swing of her hips
she drowns me in love memory of
i swim fluidly through her so due her
the essence of her soul is a color that can only be felt
gravity forces me on this rock but her power succeeds that pull
attraction to her magnetics she is the embodiment of all aesthetics
come and get high and let sloosen these lips
possessed impressed by the swing of her
stirs me like a blender i surrender white flagged
magically she high like a jet behind her i lagging
majestic angelic hypnotic her spell sticks
prickly perhaps personally no pretending
presently more pleasantly continually mending
lest loose not hesitantly we be forward moving
dueting the music of life we moving and grooving
on the record we like to neck we like to nerd
karate chop headlight antics praying mantis we absurd

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ire placeable

what is my name?
check the tags
they will be tied around my toes
hanging out of my body bag
like a puppet without strings
limp and lifeless like a crash test dummy
the calls in the morning, the ruined days
shreiks of grief and many un answerable questions from the children
where did he go? what is that? he is sleeping?


Tis the season to be jolly
instead i am curled up in a ball
terrified alone as the wind picks up
the water is frozen to the bottom of
the cup that was begged for
and reluctantly given
a bum on the streets with no place to
live in the december nights life day
to day slowly crumbling before himself
to his dismal dismay ever backward
he's walking and all while they gauking
about the facility of it all
still he lies fetal in his ball
estranged all tangled and dismissed
it would be fitting if a rose was
his last true loved kissed
as they nestle all warm in their
cozy soft beds he lay
bitter on the ground as he thinks
of his kids whom have started
to forget him although he right there
when no place to lay through their window
he sometimes peers and prays wholey to god
some daily to release him from his mess
but the efforts are returned not manifest
"be better best like the rest of the lot"
says the kettle to the pot
people who go on and don't fuss much
are the happies sort of the whole damn bunch
to be reduced to a myth like the great loch ness
as the headline will read he was frozen through
these word will serve as my immortal gift
if any care to read them ore cares nuff to sift
there is worth in these words
they come from my heart
shattered and shivering just laying
more free than thee i art
through mine art

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

love me

how badly managed i
karmatic storming lesser
i cant help my ways they
make me but more and
more and less they take
me for that i cannot atone
for i am what i is and i alone
i could chose to conform
then these thoughts would
lay dormant within my head
like practically dead so instead
i am lead to live this life of solitude
where my formers will insist
that i am very rude and am
good for nothing and care only
of myself and that i take things
for granted and show no gratitude
all around a bad attitude so
miscrewed and so lude that only
small doses will due and only
when necessary and beware
the barbarianistic thought tangents
he will take your mind on
best not to listen to his words
at all for he will talk you in circles
he has a slippery mind and the
shit of it is he can do it when
the time is most inopportune
he will in the midst of the
symphony make calls like a
baboon a most detestable
sort is this bane to the world

get me out

awake i wanting
to be escaped from this
prison shackles around my legs
they weigh me down and make
shackle sounds as i try to walk away
from the past
like a christmas carol i am a marley
ghostly i am stuck
in my past
cannot seem to get to the presents
no future
instead contemplating becoming an orniment
on some tree
way out in the cold cold woods

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bam be dawning

shot in the face

he was just a suburban child
on an episode of moms gone wild

the thrill of silence and sirens take back seat
he throws her head back and tears mix with sleet
they're oh so happy when they're outside
oh so happy and he dont even have a ride

shoot me right in the face

then he walked blinded into the woods
looking aimlessly for one thing still good

what a thrill to be homeless on main street
it was hot now its not the world is cold on his feet
she is fucking free there while hes outside
she's going fast now she dont fucking need a ride

shot to the face

blood drops drip-drop like little april showers
like second hand clocks counting passing hours

memories of banging in the headlights
left remembering flashes of tail white
its oh so cold here on the outside
the grass is wet there is no where to hide

bleeding from the face

she is oh so happy when she's outside
and she asks where were you while she cried

hey little fawn
you take after your mom
gather up all the guns
point them right at your face

pointed right at her face

have had these same stories told before
now we're living them more and more

what a thrill to be a hottie on the main street
he is crawling back as blood paints with feet
the rain washes struggled proof away cleanly
he too slow now she's looking hard see me

Sunday, November 28, 2010


ding dang dong
the falling
little snowflakes
all the while
under blanket
winter spell
blizard cold as i wake from slumber
immediately sleepwalking
securing more lumber
frigid fought
with fire
poe king
corks strewn
on ground
now cold coco rings
ringing all around
now i head
to king sized bed
to wrestle
with my wed
ding bells
tis cold as frozen
nutcrakers cracking
we all nuts
this season's spiritful
forget we
while now
spy i
sugar plumbs
dancing magesticly
upon the light
of the tree
they dosey
and promenade
hypnotically wrapping
presents in my head
silently tapping
chamber door
they all in sparkles
i felt it
their glow
as walking by
memory is hazey
with eyes of lazy
on tippy toes
back off to doze
i am ready
lord knows
crawling back
coffee black
egg whites
automatic dripping drops
falling slowly from a coffee pot
drip drip drop
little december showers
snuggle i tight to my little flower

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little April Showers

hey little fawn
what happened to your mom
poignant right at her
face the
rain rain
the thrill of sirens
head back
then she is missing
part of her missing
always i aim but all ways
some big bucks
hot to trot
cold and wet
no more left
left to fest
fester in the cold
white tail time as old
song as rhyme
beliel beast

Friday, November 26, 2010

Peter M. Pannuel

awaiting the time when something has the change this thing this changeling chameleon esque extraterrestrial menace that is never ending like an unwritten networking story soaks me in sorry cuz too soon no mornings will have the want for glory I too and fro wait for it to come on home to its dome sweet home and it leaves me with these shivers as the cold wind delivers the message that this black hole is full of moles and the leader of these will cower crowded line Yeh will have his time in due climatic situations of mass manipulations and war declarations our foreign relations are just decorations on the present situation elevation man your battle stations congratulations for forty nine plus years of fabrications we fair nations never facing reconciliations are making real old revelations and if we are indeed a good god creation will collectively we continually inexplicably fan the furnace frenziedly further fueling future exacerbations get set some yet to come to be or not to be but still no senses about us guide us the world will revolve with or without us this cloud of pixie dust has the world full of pirates and hooked crooked crooks who spook and who cook up these schemes in sickening teams and their dreams are our nightmares where werewolves run the bulls and bears they tear sheds to newly weds medical insurance less water sheds techno glamor humanity eventuality doesn't matter clickity clack return to saturn

Ex Terra Test Trial

in the end
zoned out
spy planes
make it rain
ze nacht est up on us
mend us
there are angles
i have one
ex ist
post nuclear
made unclear
plan et
approxament now
neo viet now
i rack my brain for lighning speed
all i find is jungle weeds
mach eddy shed this sheddery
eye kant see
be ear me
spear me
wilder eliotness me

Dirty Zones

spitting fire like the islamic protesters
i spit on the crowds as this divine invasion of self spews out of my throat
a modern day crusader with holy hand grenades
medieval moats protect my castle high
knights keep the Chinese dragons at bay
green and rich like eco friendly
bend thee send thee
remember when we?
back to fade
faded from the black
robbers running away
filled fat fanny money sacks
dress slacks versus backpacks
statis scrambled static scratches
what happens when played
with matches you get burned
playing with fire
hot in the pants
righteous rants
automatic when we

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I f yo ukno wha tit me ans

From my bed
To start another day
Stay in
Running from tomorrow
If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here?
Your magic has me in a daze as all ways
I stay running
From tomorrow
From tomorrow
Remember when we
Were in a frenzy
All day all night
Living a daydream
When we bang the
Walls in the end we
Spend the nights more like friend
Seeing you when I close my eyes
Fire flies
All night
Like apes
Seems like that time
Deep hole
Hard climb
Cozza Frenzy
We are who we is
We is better
Have not you oft all so thought
Cupid shuffle
We both shot
Diamond in the rough
Blinding blurring between
The lines
Black Friday try black year
Not to matter
We are who we are
Got Jesus on
We like to go hard
Like the world is ours
We are of the stars
Thats who we are
Who we are
Turn it up
I talk the truth
Bash full of human
We who are we are
We are who we are
Because we of the world
And I know what it means
Though my dreams
Too are true
Through my dreams
I know there are means
To an end
You know
Maybe you are

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The So Far: A Collection of Works


every morning i wake up without you by my side is a little less life in this big pizza pie
it makes me vomit with this sickness so much i want to die if this supposed forever is just a bold lie
if you were to run away you would take my soul with you like a hamburgler
i grimice because no meal without you is happy
i dont know sometimes and so i am left to ponder like mike these rhymes
against my humanity you make me face and i love what you are all about
as long as you stay my words are positively in your direction
dont let this miss miss so i can make you my mrs.
my eyes mist up when i think about yesterday
i get depressed when i think of today
tomorrow is never soon enough
this is the tip of the iceberg magic that you have floating in my sea
dont sink this titantic
i can be romantic i can be eligantic and you know that i know how to plant a dick no matter public or private eyes
there is no disguise for im not one that shy's away from any way to display this dance play you prance in mind all the life long days
i long for a return to the way it was
i want you my moon maid and ill be your buzz
baby steps are too small for this man
i have an unwritten plan you know how i am
if i was the lion you'd be a lamb
but some way some how you could convince me to go vegan
remind me again so we can begin to be again





We are who we are
Deaf dumb and blind
Stare at the sun and you will see
The light
No va
The world is ours to tear apart
Dancing until our zombie bodies no longer
Are controlled by our minds
We go through the motions
Unquestioned devotion
To a cause that serves us not
We are imploded
This ex pose is a masquerade
Balled up on couches
Reduced to famine
No potatoes
Throw your tomatoes at these players
The stage is not a set
It is a set up
Get up
Stand up
Stand up for your rights
Flash the night bright
With your in divisible
The way is darkened
Be it mid day or may-day
Dark I say
Under God
No one above
Certainly not below
We inside know what we know
This all time is a time bomb
About to blow
The reaper is a seeker
Twitter the new speaker
The house of cards is a joke made by jokers
These mute voices
We poked
They pokers
This is no game
Yet they gamble our fortunes
Continue do we
To selflessly support them
What is the point
Why are we taxed
The output is lacking
Waning and waxed
The input collected
Cracking like a whip
We slaves we row
They lounge
Their ship
Mutiny is the ultimate scrutiny
This voyage has gone on far to long
This eagle needs to learn a new song
Why is it written if it’s always in wrong?
Dings in the bell
Liberty lost
They be the bosses
We be the bossed
Forget we that this is made for us and by us
Continually they try us
Soon “enough” will cry us
We first need nursed
Filled fat your cursed purse
No curtsey for you
No courtesy is due
Oh bomb a nation
War declared
Deck oration
I’ll see you walk
The plank I swear
So be warned
Best prepare
I dare to dare
Blame the baker
Not the maker
If there is not enough to share
American pie
The dream is a lie
Driven till dry
Leaving us thirsty
Our tank depleted
Left in the desert
Too dehydrated to cry
To them I reply
You hold not the power
For you have not the hands
You have not the right
We like rubber bands
Choose you to stretch us
We will snap back on you
Stench you of rotten
You are long overdue
For a cleansing of sorts
The ball is in play
And bouncing from you
Upward we lay
I pass what I can’t shoot
This is no one on one
But if see I a lane
I’ll go get me some
If I happen to miss
The rebound’s not yours either
My team is globetrotting
Not playing around neither
And they are seasoned
They vets
As good as it gets
Shall we go to the natives?
Place with them our bets?
Wager I this my cage
Filled full with rage
Free now
Free forever
Free falling
Free filling this page
With these words
Here my protest
Like an egg in a nest
We too will manifest
Silently waiting
We will get the best
Scooby Doo and his crew
Couldn’t give you a clue
This batch has been brewing
Wicked strong
Which is this brew?
We trust what is inside
Know it knows most best
Destiny will un-bond us
Rest in pieces manifest
From shelved selves
To home grown brave new world
The shell is shucked
Cry to your mother
You are fucked
Post part ed you are black pearl dead
Fade to blackness
Shadowed in shade
For all things atonable
Mark what is sayed
Hide we will seek you
This time we the people
Get back out what we paid

Ready or not
Here we come

-tery theres no myster-
miss steph mrs. le shet my sexy she can aint two can sam i am so very in love with her stick shifting shes my shifter she turns my gears sews swifter lifts like fuzzy lifter bubble showers i would gift her im her mister mister fortold as if im hister leonardamus iron fister status always lists her as ryan's
Fan Base (Re: gressive Progression
Did you write that? Pretty good use of vocabulary. Sang/rapped the right way, and it could be very powerful.
go for it bro, i give you permission to make it a tune and then perhaps we can sit on respective techno lagoons and be looney and watch cartoons cause this barging boat of debt is floating in a trail of tears built on steering wheels a...nd steer built ways and these pitiful excuses for self sacrificial relay politcal races only hastens the re erasion that is my under not lie ing manifestation and our time is a waste in vain unless each owns and personally displays the archaic displays heck check marks the check do what you love and love what you do and if a song is supposed it will be guess we'll see. good eve kneeingSee More

Progressive Regression
sitting here it is quiet now
the song was singing oh so loud
but only i could hear the tune
each to their own techo lagoon
alter-k-shun screamy kids
put a cork in keep the lids
so tight tis gasping whilst grasping
throat submerged distraught neath sinking boat
a stranded goat floats mid mote the crow it crows dead bodies bloat
no rest just weary dark aged distressed the surfs are all that heaven left
the rest is gone they littered about
entrails and no grails the land scaped pale
set sails rig rails and set to sea for nothing here no more but terror
 i decree
savage times and we are beasts
the burden of humanity to say the least
like yeast the mummies rise from death
wrapper tight candies like presents left
and its almost December but not yet the year
this trees leaves are falling the wind getting sheer
more and more becoming clear the more near
that fear itself is enough to fear
its elementary dear o dear know
that the reaper will reap and we are so so

De Vine
and i wonder if you know what it means to find youre dreams
these words be waking me up at night,,,,,,,,,,,,right
these beats keep my heart in this
and i wonder if you know what it  means and i wonder what it means
to find in dreams
you say he get on your fucking nerves..........word
we wish we is what intuition is
if you know what it means what it means
if you know
find me dreams
im peaks leaking streaks of freak uniques
independent shit
get it get it got got
simply symphonic ally harm oni cali sick wit
caught on my hairs now i grinny grin grin
dis is a bliss an et aint a sin
disciple eye trifle
snipe lyrical rifle
raph style fool
school of Athens
Philo born
above below timespace torn
dis is plain dis a pline
ripe for picking reasonable rhyme

10/12 21/31 1985/Always
Another trip on this orbit we take and every day me forget not to thank the heavens above for you my pure dove for you rain blue lit love on this thirsty lost soul and just as tolls are tolls and rolls are rolls you are fair beyond compare and your radiance fills the air and the fact that you share it with me tickles fancily the deepest parts of me like sailor stuck down in a nuclear submarine you make me fiend like aqua is marine for the seas to be seamed and split right apart and the real of this world for us can really start for thou art more like fine art than just some spare part but its fitting that you fit and no matter the bull shit I will never quit in fact I spit in the faces of persons putting in places cause your patience is a virtue that will never ever hurt you and it heals and I kneel before it and implore it to continue to do just what it does I have this feeling its intention is and always was made especially for me so I made this decree in hopes you will see what you will always mean to me

Bengal Tigris
Jungle florescent in the back of its eyes it slithery lay wait in most patient disguise waiting solely to strike deeply within you so deep that no breath can escape you you cant make a peep tis most despised dark and dreary its skin mostly mirrory anomalistic animalistic but boiled way over far gone past ballistic an anacondic forced freak of unnaturealistic vodoocan magic its deeds are world over oft horrifically tragic yea whatever boat you float a labyrinth of motes and far fields of oats so stretching one gloats "that by journey half passed that if started in warm attire one would have need the warmest of coats lest he chance to expire" it has networks like spokes that make crushing throat chokes like black riders and darth vaders to the darkness it caters and like a siren you desperately will be entranced by it coaxing still observwating in the somewhere the thing somehow knows things so cheerily for thrill it will too wait you out no doubt so secretly it seeks to reek havoc from habit like a post soviet slavic indeed its agreed BT is most waskly of wabbids 

Here we go

WHAT makes this struggle a struggle
THE worst off it all is its all in this bubble
FUCK is more than a word especially in the past tense
AM to pm making scenes
I know there are times and places
DO what we do and we are just that
WRONG ways
HERE and know
WE are more than nowns
GO ing through the same things
GOIN to paint like portrait
THROUGH unraveling I sapre aude
THE same
SAME things

RE: Wis. per(s)
in the ground
no sound
no crown
town is the fish
people the barrel
mexican mass acres
free dumb
am bad asserers
Am bush
Money sacked
No love
just shacks
add tax
In sure of lax
i am mum
flip bird
the word
no peace
no talks
damn the rivers
lock ur locks
full metal
jackets needed
E Co. nomenclature




taffy toffee stuck
tounge tye dyed and tied up tight
i am ready for this
the vampires cannot suck this life out of me
i am covered in skin
no one gets to come in
pull me out from inside and i will ride
waves of the lunar pull
i am unfolding color pictures and only i can see
the coffee blacks and egg whites
of the third eye
eye spy
i am ready i am ready i am ready
hold me steady hold me steady
rock me
till the break
of dawn
swan song
i am
i am
i am

The Rocket Shot Garden Hose

There once was a man from Nantucket, a lesser known man than the one most assume when presented with the former statement, but he was from Nantucket no less... This man was a loafer by habit but a pool man by trade and one day he laid in the shade intead of slave. He whilst dippin' his pumpkin bread in a ginger-ale and whiskey chanced upon a marvelous idea that although undoubtably risky; in his state of most tipsey, fell from his lipsies. Twas the catalyst that brought us out from under this cript see, for this Nantuckian savant was in the company of none other than yours del Ryno the truely. I chanced our chance meeting Halloween trick or treating and wit with my wit retroly fit this dim and half-wit with a space bound first aid kit, and sure as shit shits he did it. Not a little but a lot, not the most but not the least bit, suprised i was while I watching the news three months later as I eyed like a pirate to his captain cried at when I spied not land, but a garden hose flying in the sky above like a green snakey wingless and most unbirdlike dove.  Low and behold that of which is told is that which will eventually effect and re effect every human being intro/extro spectrally. Not  long from now i assume and expect it to be a phenomenon needing much exceptional inspectioning. A blunder, I am sure, the likes of which we will as a race never recover, a more lethal weapon than Mel Gibson, Danny DeVito AND Danny Glover.
" Fuck an oxford comma" -The Dolly Llama

to be continued.......

Car Toons

Every day is the sweetest of dazey days
As long as I see my eh bay bay
The sky could fall straightly down
As long as you’re with me never I’ll frown
Like a clown you paint my face all smiley
As long as the road runs I’ll be your Wiley
Cyotes can run howling at the midnight moon
As long as the deserts drought I’ll know their tune
For they sing of longing and lost loony love
As long as I’m living there will be no one above
You are my sexy can I relay it any better
As long as the Nile has miles I’ll make you wetter
Than a fish under water no teet nor totter
As long as you’re hooked we’ll grow old like Harry Potter
You are magical to me my Steph my only
As long as you allow I’ll continue to show thee.

Moulder Cribones
in a daze like shell shocked purple haze as i await my rescue coppter cindy lauper time after time but in a land without time i preoccupy mine mind with these word rhymes and i analyze my hurt crimes in my war against my humanity and prithee thee for a bit more democracy for this monopoly of hipocracy has me stunned like i'm micky'ed past pluto and it started though i did not plan (nor plant) it when the former was still a planet and if i had to call up on captain planet i couldn't because the world has lost the heart no art tis tisk and now sight fi Ii wait for now fate and the this state has me stuck at wack arnolds with the ricky recardos of the world head to heel in arrears no appeals steely steals stained so i kneel bout the keel skull and bones alley mc beal and far be it for me to ham burgle happily meals not plenty more like peasantry jewish present tree christmas 2117 ill be back on my feet never again to repeat this decleat

Dee Jay Tanner
no i dont think i would be better off alone
in fact i argue the contrary
where are you waldo?
in there some where i swear i sceent you hiding and smiling behind a bush whilst floating down some far off riverous reigion where carnivorously there were merry sorts and the truth was known but alas it happens that the truth not bes told and the lies however old are bartered or sold. out. talk to me



RE: Evolution

Swiper no swiping
by this time i thought id have gotten to London by now by now
how oh how did i accumulate this damn debt i accept that i spent 
no excuses i guess but fuck those credit company motherfucking mother fuckers
who gives an eighteen year old that much credit anyhow i care not im glad i got what i got and i aught not tie my head in knots but all you go getter fucking fucks can get bombed like the lot of you will anyhow when what i can feel comes to you all for being unright and unjust and looking other ways and not giving a fuck because the ones that will matter will not give any fucks about your screaming mass asses and slowly like molases you will all burn like ashes and the phoenix will rise in the rising sun spotted spot we aught not have brought what we brought no matter how many of them we would have had to rightly and humanely inhumanely fought but to destroy and employ a power that great for an end that was only to devestate and manipulate and spread fear mongeral hate there is no debate i love these states but not the state of these states and its inhabi tainting tates. FIGHT FOR FUN put a fork in you. We all are undone.  



The Ill I Ad

try as i best know
to keep this peace in my mind in my mind
try as i may i seem to fall into the cracks
and find myself like those chilean subteranians
slowly climbing out from under ground
sights and sound
ive been masked and gagged and shadowed
i was bored and traped. making puppet shows down below
the hump. all the knights kings and bishops couldnt put me back together
again i will try
best as i know
to keep like a jet riding this air flow
its probable that the planets and how they align in the heavens in relation to my sign have these abilities to drive me crazy in my atuned and askewed un under standing mind you that im in a phase er two that is re defining my character
the one that i am
no madder
but like a protaganist there happens happenings a mi
and my own le question is only whether this story is a novel tragic comedy
or a grand esque neo-pos- modernist-epic to be
so i continue
i too will wait this out

i can complain
thats why i do and i do
wish for some magic pill to be swallowing infinitavely
 to release me from all this wallowing
i can read lots of books, be surrounded in joy, but this funk fucks me up the anus
 like a devil with horns heinous
behind where i cant see it pokes me and keeps me
on edge of a ledge and there is no hope to float me
guardian angles are afraid whilst my demons are on the loose
they are helpless and scream sirens at me as i tighten the noose.
my choice my life my war my fight.
whats right? whats real? kant feel me out of sight, vitamin D blocker, eclipse sun light
rags and riches no money no bitches matracies glitches in my wicked wired wronged mind
automatic in me to have angry envy send nothing a plenty
karma you fucking kunt
come and see my latest stunt
danger being my middle name
its all the same
bending back words
surges of urges to end this disgracefull display that i live all live long days
nothing is mkay
zombie dead
lay miserable

Broken Fix It

green back mcarthy pack ur baggers yea
my little brother told us he'd hang himself today
much to my dismay we told him okay, dont stay
black masks scary tack ticks no clocks hey?
a man buned alive in his car yesterday. prey.
is there a pryro escaped cougar wants to play?
golden casks but mummys they lack are you GAY?
murder death sucidal tendencies. specialties. hooray.
my roomate od'd on heroine last may grey on grey
walked in there, needle in arm, he lay displayed
white tracks on a blistering cold sunny tundra day
walking away now begger sack nothing left to say


ps. this is back wordz for you
.glee wiz my mizz i miss you sew knots cool in a bow tie me up and make me yarn for this sweater you are making me is wearing for the taking you there are many words i will darn you with the ones i know that there is no such thing as distance just as in time there seams less no way that i am least suspicious you are at a place that needs your presents and return to sender once they are breathless without the words to say they want you back i do seriously like a heart attack me like a ninja santa planting me beneath the trees oh how beautifully they fall the leaves me wishing that i was with you know i always forever too many tries have we forgone but i know its not never for too long for i i do my                       
  ,dear steph

Passin Me By
just woke up
back from the future
just as i was about to.....
what does it amount to?
she she she she she.
my stiff as a ryno oh no
nice view. need you. there you were
bending space and over in front of me
how badly wanted i to get inbetween
worlds of perception merge as rings
sing me out of this lul y by and by
we can purple rain from heavenly
dis skys tears cloud cries mine moon shine
quarters worth you far plus dimes
how to put it on you right
make you come to me tonight
you think you getting way from me
let this inside you, then we'll see


ill be up there wit Cudi and Hans Pfaall
fuckin interceptin
 like i know not where im stepin
let that be a lesson
im a lyrical lethal weapon
i dual by rule sucka fish i will school
genes in pool gripin tight when in the flow
 you betcha
 gee golly
dontcha wanna fucking know
native love for 303
repin 920 per KGB

back back to the matter no need to stall
lost all my marbels
been lookin hardly i was
opened up my i cause
i had La Forge esque visors
lune lit rainbow digital brain bro
in sane membrane icky baud az crane yo
head less
diss stress
crackin like the crow crows
Howlin like a werewolf i wants it all
bust out the tele stars bout to fall

u scope kite rope and see what the rilly
just ask the dairy queen, just get the dilly
lightning striking
energy spy king  
no motor
im the neo space bound viking
mad skillz mad cow jumpin over soon
attacks in packs
sacks of facts
im on that whilst you off you wax
any of the wtich ways
saying so that it stays
clear and voyant

Are You Sure About That?

guess you will have to be pleasantly suprised i presently am a glass past half empty but am soon to be full and a fool's heart is in the art and thy knoweth thoust to be a smart strong woman doin wha chew doin and i sure as shit aint booin you or no one cause its wicked whats weirding the world dont you see, need not... ask no needy no mask so lets revel and bask inside moon lit casks and trick for treats at the feets of the devilish doors in the halls of the hotels mongst mongrels and whores with bed sores, i emplore..... what i mean in long rants is if the world were of aunts and those ants had a queen, who tho defensively came off mean -im an observent rouge bee whom can see in between those prying pincer lips and can read ur toungly speak and ive also some tips i could share with you. in leau of any ills i have ever befaulted ive but forgiveness to ask if ive ever insulted, for the truth of the matter is that i dig and you dig, ever you ask and i had i would bumble you a cigSee More 

extinguish. these flames....
my name last. from the looking glass. when i dream of fairy tales they include rocket contrails and red planet robotic renaissance.
the only response to the impending never ending tour de terra. beware a the false prophet. poisonous broth in it. mothy. false light lit. Alf and Omega Man sent to Olympic Mons. Llunar rings.
 oh how different
like how
 my pendulum swings.
4those whom my tones ressonate:  id est for whom my bell rings:
 make full swings and let ur hearts sings their songz all the live longer days in the red haze for a fresh start would help clear this mystical craze. nes sis airy
end these confused paths that lay.
Before us.
 Eyes have it. Horses neighs.
say what?
thought not. mine is not a pre drawn lot. ive got some sort of pre cog knot. this plot is interplanetarily caught.
forces. divorce this
god forsaken.
Ring ding around the polar polls, poor souls.
Double double toll the polls
Palins and Pelosi's pockets full of words.
sieze the carp, run naked. stark and hark
as the angles return and t
hen only then will you try to relearn.
burn baby burn baby burn baby burn.


take steps
lept for faith
eye can tell ur lying
patiently debating
its a great thing
phone rings
pin drops
four things:
1. I love you
2. I am true
3. You are due
4. I will see you through

Sweet sweet sweet
never let you go
the feelings that im feeling when im feeling these feelings are completely unfleeting
no retreating
no tricks
strap in
seeding this field of dreams
magical stalk
keen insight
know damn right
elevation in times of deprivation
emancipation of un natural nation's
you are my salvation
this is my proclaimation
in all space
you are my station
addicted to your conviction
all because of you
phoenix is rising
a new anew
for you
in leau of hardship you are my starship
im a pen man
this ship waits to sail for you 
ill be your captain
you my crew
continue doing that thing you do
making my heart grow fonder
ever after and beyonder


mine is at ease though this soldier of fates fortune patiently waits for the time to begin when the worlds veins will swim with the forces within soon soil red as crim son is coming back to us and the real battle contracts of us to chose sides in fact it does many things which are only semi understood but the truth is our savior and of it just comes good i will if i could,  in far coming days stood rather be standing post landing at destinations, very good, next to plantations, robot creations, creations of my imagination,thus,  proving to all that its almost midnight and this ball has gone far off the wallmight i,remind you this illusion has no real conclusion except to create such delusionas towhen astroclock strikes and the night turns to day be what it mayi instist,start to pray. for this path liars lay is no longer so distantly completed and once and for allevil shall be defeatedre re re re repeat itbeat that 

a six year old wit rickets aint this weak, my shits all jambled and gumbled so to speak, fear not i the future only this presently lowered state, i suppose its all from fucking myself, a badfish lured by master bait. aint got no money to spend but all the time in the god damned world. my girl is feverishly dedicated to me and its an agnostic mystery WHY such persistance? why such miss fortunate am i to have this love supply for if it were not so someone would have found me dangling from some tree long ago, or perhaps in a body of water neath towering bridge because stripped of my title this town is a ridge id laugh but is so funny i forgot how the only question left is what happens now?

sometimes i wonder if this fight is worth while
all the lost is gone away with the tide
but if i listen hard to what hearts beat into me
it isnt something i need a tele nor micro scope to see
its love
love is true
love is universally understood
wars may rage
books fill page
people can be animally caged
but love prevals and shows its hidden head
no doubt it is the last thing on minds
while falling asleep
on death's cold bed
layers layers layers
love is never not given nuff cred
it heals
it turns
it makes all things go
its true to a priest
to a pimp
to his hoe
it speaks not in tounges
well... maybe sometimes
it moves us to tears
and unspeakable crimes

it is a sign among signs
a beacon
i hope
for sometimes its what keeps us
from the hang man's rope
this storm that we live in
makes feinds love the dope
it makes men confused
just ask the pope
confessions in booths
a plethera of ails
one thing prevails
it is that which dont faulter
never it fails
bring that to the alter
pray on it
you are its prey
this is love
love is this
and i have seen its true power
so preserve it 
 cherish it
now and every hour
far too easy is it to cower
its scary
i know
wild like horses
negative forces
but love is somewhere
if you look you can find
if alone you can make it
up there
 in your mind
do it
all the time

is anybody out there
why does it feel like im talkin to myself
desperate want i to seperate
from this bull shit struggle
this age is dead to me
usher in this aquatic quick
two hands two balls one mouth
one prick
still rowin
is there anybody out there
it feels like im talkin to myself
no one seems to know my struggle
like a verbal seduction i tell em 
spell em like hex
 ive gone ill
be right
back to back
I am my eyes
all four
3 4 wards
one back
three for wards 
2 2 C
1 above
 spread love
you aint never
no body
like me
El Ryno
Die no
no cry minal
bite me
get it right
all writey
blue lighty
no fi tee
flash forward
Rome antics
Tan tricks
cig flicks
nymph node
super nova
troopin top
no leaf clova
izza hova
you iz ova

Snap Trap (Space Boobs)
wake me up so i can dream, this nightmare lasts the longer im awake, perhaps there has been some destinine mistake, haps a time shift as the earth haps quaked, no matter what caused this mix up of freewilled fastfaced fate, i suppose ill do my damnedest whilst stuck laying wait, for an angel or alien or shit....god himsalf, cause im up to the shit that makes baby rapers ralph, not want flaming flames nor demonic games so release me or teach me or throw me to the Thames, because im up a crappy creek with a rocking boat that leaks cause i burned my bridges down and was run out of my town and ive got no thorny crown or a way to capitalize on NOUNs, perhaps these ring arounds are more than bring arounds, and perhaps these circle laps are boobies of a trap..

it strangles
it tightens its grip 

runs deep
down in the blackness

you will chase it
in order to combat it

it follows you
lurking in wait

look right at it
its ugly three heads

it retreats you
it bleeds as youve bled

from this nightmare
though it never sleeps

it withdraws from
the light you shine at it

with the knowledge
that it will never return

that which haunts
in hell it will burn

will be yours
and yours it will be

and the glory
kill now this beast  

Wicked. Which Way is West?

no place
no home
dorthy's torn
NATO storms
no matter where
you seek
re: fuge
there is no Kansas anymore
when it rains
 like dogs
and the lightning
from the sky
they dropped
like bombs
tickY ticking
little houses
on the hillside
little boxes
mass stalkings
sly foxes
piss runs down
to sock ings
ring them
need less
need less
the faces
masked masses
will you
bill you
a thousand folds
in scope
fit the molds
days of old
future sold
good eyes
payed well
pipe down
pipe dreams
mega schemes
dream teams
globe trotting
piled flesh
for rotting
lest we forget
have they?
have we?
For gotting.

future is coming, soften no soft. these and this and that winds of change blows on come the blizzard bring in the snows deck the halls will piles of bodies holla ule ya to the spirits and slobb these knobs with anti dis infect ion ism and buckle down the crazies cause the uni verse will schism. the dead will then be risen and this resident evil awakened and only those who chose wiser crews will be taken away with the angles. this thin red line on this un accidental rock is about to be cut like bobbit's cock. 



Muse Icky
instead of sleeping i jammin out iam, iambic pentagramenter- im all stuck on these beats and my oh my how the lyrix meets me and it rocks me in my seat to the point that the wheels on the floor should be cleats instead just as i should be in bed and the more music i marry in my mind the more peaceful i feel. cindy lopper esque times after time, moreover beyond time. classically immortal someof theses lines.  is that a crime? pennyless nickless but damn found these dimes and the vibrations make explainations unexplainable in my mind 

Fly South
the word is this world is absurd, instead of utopia this globe is a toilet and we are all dumped into it like flushable turds. like hitchcock i feel like its gone to the birds, im not flying but it like im in this cuckoo's nest, its like the vultures get all the best white meat, dark meat, legs and brest. empty this tree of life of preying lest we let it get the best. of us, lets bust and burst this bubble. double double toil and trouble, back in time like barney rubble


If you were a tiwaneese tie maker, and your job was to tie ties....... and those ties had tye-dyed TI fighters (from star wars) on them.... and the backround of that tie was also tye dyed...... you would be a Ty tying a tye dye tye dye TI tie

Getty Up
and go
me and
leave your cares behind
let me try to find
this hotter spot
draw up lots
plot your plots
forget me
far cry
far shot
out we not
are we not begot
always sought
always faught

red with rage
plato's caved
rave and raves
i too crave
nativity naieved
tounge not slayed

dragon tales
chasing games
without froniters
jeux sans
reap the painians
say it more plainian?
be more afraid that i aimians

I’m So Sick

lost in my own mind, rhymes to pass times and rewind. reverting to crimes against  myself and my humanity not to mention those around me. ranting and raving. self induced insanity. i cant stand up and be that which i in my head know myself to be. its like im stuck in this fuck ing cycle of degredation and my only explaination is my loose affiliation with the rest of the crazies and lazies that play these foolish games and it mames the world and has many names in this world and in fetal balls i am curled. cruel and unusually usual. my tool is my prose and i dont suppose that this lifetime or the next it will get me anywhere but i dont care i just dare and the devil is in here with me sinfully he sings to me but the goddy is my truth and like an amusement photo booth i am fed the proofs. no goofs.

Tweedle Dum

broke a screen tonight by walking through it like it wasnt there. cause i forgot that it might be there. cause the holes are so damn small. and i dont have time to think about such things. im a busy person. third time in my life. i have no time for such things. stupid me

RE: Lies

a lifetime of nice daze will never ever cease to amaze my eyes as i lies facing up at the skyz and i realize its not the seen i despise its the sceen of humans and their failed tries to apply in the tangable whats inside behind those crying globes stuck in front of their domes. its not a mystery and i aint sherlock holmes. the beauty is in love and we all need to thank the one(s) above and live in peace together like morning doves


eye reed aynd i right twixtid shiz so astwo pre pair for da cumming away kin ing doom that is long been fore casted and you fools are bound to get blasted by the ill uminated cast that has been planning fast since long ago in the past. kiss your ass. Goodbye


sawed off. the crossed. bit off more than a jew could chew. smitten twice shy. no alley bye. when i get to peter's gate in order to escape my inevitable fate, ill sneak the the back of the line and chat it up with newcomers for all time. the last one in? or will i sink, never learning how to swim.....


Do 3 rights
make a wrong?
Do night time
sweet summer
like gongs
in your dreary
dear ears
and pull your
heart strings,
taughting hard?
do cats have
asses to ride
do asses
meow when master
is away for the day?
Do you give?
A care?
do you dare?
to give?
a fuck?
Ants marching.
Along long paths.
Doomless daze.
right now
write now
a little
 a little

got pulled over
doing 80
by an airplane
cant make it
in time
i can't
to follow
the rules
Am i so wrong?
she hates
to drive
to drive

Mary Wanna?
The trouble
w/ a roach
is that
it's so 
damn small
try to smoke
its out
with sharp
nails on the
ends of
could haps
you could
the essence
of its

Go Mer Pyle

pile it high upon my grave and make me master once done i slave and spank me if i mis behave am i even worth a save or is it crowded way up there rather i haps to live in firey caves where no light can peep its snooty head and only one flow ever ebbs because id rather know it always dark than wait and wonder naked stark

Explore Explode
-One rule
     Tall law
         Clair ity
           Bare witnesses.

Demote this
these locus' bases
Pale in these cases
Re erase this
We raced this
we racist
Past fast paced this
we waste this
Displayers displaced.
Food is laced
In your mouth.

Naught of nowns
We the clowning
Clowns arounds
in judicial gowns
Darning hammers
Gauntlet passes
I deplore
Never more
Never more
I explode
i explore
I deplore

Shorely. You Agree?
Oh my love
for you,
it is
This pen does
tricky tricks
for you
Oft as doth
the clock's face
tick and tock.
Talk and tick.
Like a rabbit
it kicks
ass as
a sassy ass.
my last lass
im full of
hickery docks
within far
canal lochs
we listen
to Bach's
as you s__k
my c__k
as the boat
rocks a
my love,
my dove.
here are
dee are
are so
The water absorbs
the negitive
it meets.
Shorely beat.
can knot
We not
we defeating
with positivity. 
The feet of the bed
this state
caught between
miss (you)
how my mind mischieves. 
Layers shed.
Fear not
Rambo, Rocky
nore Judge Dredd.
I'll bleed you
till loves all bled.
I'll feed you
our soul.
ink well

RE: Percuss Ions

battle-spaceship stations. all adequately adorned with acornic ordinations, proclomated adoration tags the hollowed hull, an Atlantic endeavor, a challenge er two, Columbus feared not the ocean blue..... artistically inspired, diligently designed, wirelessly wired, with the future mind you that decades of lives, young men and their not yet wives, strived for this chance to survive, to have a goal, to have realized, that the gold and guns in all the world couldn't get us off this rock, on it we were firmly locked. the tick tock clocked and fattly we stalked and forgot how to walk but a magical bean stock was the save of the flock (although i admit it tastes a bit like grassish chalk. non-ornamental, neither oriental, money spent well. Known well is the hell that forced labor doth spell. no care given to the cans meant to live in, thousands delivered to gods judgment that day, forever in orbit their unsealed tomb will stay. now we tell minimally mental moronic bots and free our thoughts and pray to god their board's not shot because save the iconic propogandic banner, the falseflag. which droops and it stoops like a slow loosing lyre, freedom rings out of tune, no matter though where i go, no ladders, no world tossed in tatters. the moons of neptune bound, then back around. capturing gasses, for the masses, green houses, thick as mole asses, orderd so so we "taked it from there" (no ownership be aware) and grasped in our mega metal hand like a pass is. a fourth of a quarter cycle until our hole opens. back to a gridlocks of iron and men, this city sized gas stealing ship. listen good and keep tight the lip. out the the edge for a quick sip, a neighborly exchange, mars a bit too nippy for us humans as is, better to add some stuff and watch it fizz, then back to my misses who herself is most mizzed. she my won and only of this great race, finest tastes, our fates laced. intertwined solar signed, one behind one in front , turned around. tummbly stunts i risk so i earn. i yearn for return to a warm earthly embrace- . I

Ion u uon me we oui

mission accomplished, better than we could have
wished. i havent slept in two days. ive bathed in nothing but
sweetsalty sweat,
sang summer songs all the live longs on lawns. i
lived my life in fast lanes,
making friends
we'll soon likely forget
and remeet in the future for the first time,
last night
i depleated
my chemistry...
DaveManBettered WE

Text Isle In Spiration

hey yo lady kakes i ku ku ku kant wayte 2 sea ewe we never that be and i waughnt knawt tewe phite a.n.e. moore aynd rand e. lee will reelie bee friarly wit glee ming s. miles o howe mien harde butt har d harpish hart tha tevry dae syngz t. rue too ewe bay bay bay lawngs phore yuare a. maze eing grayce phoal presents


again i am wishing that the days would stop dishing this shit piling high as i wonder through memories when i thought nexts would be brighter but it seems that if it were not for those innocent young eyes peering wantingly at me wanting to be shown what to be i would everyone and everything in this world deeply despise. flame to it all, lets balls to the walls.... this worlds built on lies and i am sick of these trys and these tribulations make me madd like a hatter with a pissfull of bladder mercury boiling in my mind for most months and its come to the point that no number of blunts can longer confuse that it matters not what we don't or do's we lose. we lost. theyve grown us too soft. we the peasants we the surfs we the pawns where masked kings bring to knees all that sings, all thats true all thats tribal, no chance, no revival. read the bible for survival, no plug bull. newton knew, nothing new. jews speak true, died, undo. these blunders like thunders of a storm longo foretasted no grasping yet i will scream it and stream it till bloodily gasping until every last fucking thing sees this crashing dashing at last they will hear this one last thing..... start fasting, you wont 96 days when the lost planet is passing