Thursday, March 13, 2014

of Man

Hands and knees
I crawl the way.
To meet you
in your house.

Flattered to see
you still waiting
for me, still wearing
my favorite blouse.

In dreams you wait,
and are still,
so still. In silence,
all heads bow.

Drowsily shifting,
you quasi-angelic,
darn anticipatory
a signature smile.

Trusting, expecting,
assured that this night,
I'll arrive to you,
know all the while.

Never you fathomed,
not once got it thinked,
yet forever
you will await me.

Soon my love...
Soon my love...
Always yours
I'll be.

If only I'd survived
to say
those things
I always meant to.

I'd tell you darling,
whisper to you,
bout time and space
I've bent through.

Make it real,
what can't,
won't ever be.

In your dreams
I'll visit you.
ever we.

There is nothing here,
nothing left,
I fear, for
I am gone.

Eternal longing,
our history,
this song.

Stay you sleeping,
forever longing,
just never wake.

There is peace where
there's at least shares
left in the hope
we couldn't mistake.

Fate is a galaxy,
spinning round,
our souls in spiral,

Twisting strings,
all tinsely like,
beautifully dangled.

All consuming
always looming
that which was
won't be.

Time, a rock
thrown through
a clock
harder now to see.

Dragging you under
the ocean of emotion,
as if an anchor attached
to your soul.

Helplessly you
drowning in sorrow.
Sucked into,
like a black hole.

So sleep now.
Don't weep now.
Slumber ever
so peaceful.

When you wake
the path to take
is the one which has
the least pull.

Feel my presence
by your side,
I'm yours
forever more.

Mourning will come.
Morning will come.
Can you hear me
mi amore?

Though I shan't.
No, I can't.
Not ever.
You'll endure.

Know now that never
shall ever be severed,
what was once forever
so swored.


Infect this with perfect bliss Mrs. and kiss the fists of purposelessness
as they barely miss, those pessimists, dismiss their submissiveness,
for darkness tricks, when down it kicks. Toks and tiks, persist. Its
with an optimist's wish list in fist that this witness is listless with.