Friday, April 27, 2012

A Merry Kin

Fated fatigued
Be mine
Over time
I might be too strung out
Too thinned out stretchedt
Arm strong
They know
Im over
Did I plan ahead
Rather things never said
I fled
I flee
This circus
Work this
Berserk is
The way
I live
Count tree
Tis of thee

Sunday, April 8, 2012


even easter wont shed enough light
even Christ cant set things right
not yet at least
burdened we beast
not births nor deaths nor changing season
going on so long cant remember the reason
whats you name?
whos your daddy?
rich would he love me?
i cant take itall the time
cant we fake it
half the time
i can take it
ill be fine
i can shake it
most the time
no one showed me what it means to live
tell it to me slowly
tell me what?
i really want to know
is it time?
whens my season?
need loving.
continually snuffed
its rough
i grit till im gums
it adds up to great sums
sums of doubt
less myself
lacking wealth
what am i?
wasted space?
not capitalized
lower cased
they say the tortoise
wins the race
perhaps im just
slower paced
so in the mean time
i get mean time?
till you deem mine
worth esteem
kindly remind
me of the crime
guilty me
stuck in rewind
left questioning why 'm
wasting these lines