Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sir Narp

dash it all
dash it all
my hopes
my dreams
dash it all
im so appalled
im so appalled
St Thomas
more and more and more i called
teach me wisdom
teach me words
teach me logic
teach me control
i know now not whats what
im ignorant
im a fuck
a fuck
a fucking fuck up
bury me in it
ill take satin in my coffin
in hopes that some day
when the Judge returns
i will somehow surprisingly have earned
admit me
admit me
or end it now
i feel like im doomed
im afraid im flooded
disaster ed
so human
so made this way
it makes one mad
all night
all day
im anger
im hate
im lust
im want
part with this
this earthly
this birth

Mr. E

i welcome the zombies to eat my brains. i like the pain. or at least thats what i want you to believe. the fact of the matter is that im sadder now that a pitter without a patter than the latter is. you can only imagine the reasons for my woe for torture me and still i will cling to that which is unspeakable know that i am weak. you know. pricks and pins and nights lost in time you cant make me spill it. medically speaking im insane. what i hear are the voices of reason and it was time for the seasons to change and here i am picking up the pieces as i have done so many other times. dash it all. dance on the ashes and see if they will spark interest in the after and the here. this is a bunch of lines and these are my bleeding call outs for open im casting my cares aside and i hope i drowned in the sea of emptiness as i so deserve to do. does this make any cents to you? im not in it for the money honey but if i dont make any they will look at me funny. this sick strange darkness comes on so haunting all the time and i find i can forget it if i just make up some rhymes i dont want to be found outside in the cold i would rather be frozen and die here alone with a rosary in my hand pleading please forgive me than to have to face the world and my self induced anarchy...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

fuck you all

where do those sweet moments go? at what point did they all go away from me? i remember when i used to be able to feel. I used to be able to escape from the real and traverse into the not yet and be happy with what was meeting me there. no more. i cannot seem to have any hope. there is no unwritten. it is all a fucking pile of shit. i used to think that the best was yet to come now i think that i wasted that already. there is no such thing as happy in the future. hardship a plenty. whats a man to do with that knowledge. if i wasn't afraid of going to hell i would just hang myself for everyone to see. i would do it when everyone was sleeping so when they woke up their day would be just as ruined as my lifetime seems to be. fuck this world. fuck you all. i hate you. don't bother me. forget me. fuck you. fuck you. fuck you all. get the fuck away from me. leave me the fuck alone. i fucking hate you all. seriously. you ruined me.

but why

when they ask you
to grow up
do you want then
to dream
do they warn you
better grow up
if you wanted
to succeed
im trying
the best as
i can ever
do you
there is no glitter
only gutter
no twilight
no galaxy
im higher than hype
in deep
ever the wrong
im no right
come on
im covered in demons
im not all right
take me away
take me away
i need out
escape is not an option
nothing is what i want
nothing is
i want
lower i creep
still i do wrong
they sing me my song
im getting along
living oblong


as these seasons change and the flowers all curl up into themselves and die and the brisk wind comes in from the north and the people who forgot their jackets this morning curl up inside of themselves and want to die because they cant do anything right and the poor lost and lonely souls who are no better off today than when the summer began and they were sure that they would be the ones who got it right. shitty. stuck here in this God forsaken mess of fucked up fuck ups. here we go, going through the same damn thing. fuck it all blast it all into the stratosphere for all i care for i have been being and been aware and no matter how hard we try we are always the same the cycle is stuck on repeat and i am growing nowhere

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


and birds in my ears
can't seem to get
ahold of this missed
this burn me
this stake
where is it at
doctor doctor
give me the muse
i gotta bad case
no cure
the blues

At hacker

release me from this
semi self induced
this no shoulder to cry
this excuse my excuse

is this a dream
nightmarish scenes
that i regret
constantly i fret

over nother nothing
over again siren
sing me to death
came gone left

right my wrongs
ding like dong
king of kongs
deafening gongs

ringing in my ears
what a scene
sees not what peers
right back



taller now
beans talk
speaking of what they dare
never should have listened
pride left by the door
shot in the foot
and again
and again
never again
take what you want from me
you deserve it all
glory glory
hell if i know
fucked up
silly silly siren sounds
should have know
should have waxed my ears
stead i stayed up
waning moons
now though try I'm all dry
crying monsoons
swept away
out to sea
fuck this dream
cant escape my own
what else is a boy to do?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


ive been down a road riddled with doubters. like potholes they fake promises promises, why do we believe????? hark! eventually we are gladdened we were jarred and scar-ed so kicked around by destiny.... for making us exactly who we always were supposed to be. the one whos image we come from is the opposite of dumb, though some are deaf and blind too concerned with fast forward they need to rewind. to be was always vigil, it is in avoiding those potholes, learning, being taught what are the obstacles and what is not. we learn to come out of the fox holes and remember that we've got unearthly souls. the endless traffic that is  humanity, imperfect ed, lo never neglected, must unite 'gainst the foes black with death, uncountable crows that nest in our souls if we allow sin it boils us straight to hell forever there doomed to dwell... battle we seldom nuff for kept we're distracted, kept un-collective, shadowed by lies from the facts kids. Daddy our Abba may now be away, but alls not a playground and the time for sassy play will indeed have its day ....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Siht kc uF

not really
it is strangling this struggle and no matter it seems if i triple norph i double my efforts
the best worst is all i can get for lo
for woe
is me the issue
ive reinvented myself many times over
and no matter how far i bend backwards over
there seems to be no fourth leaf to my clover
fields of dreams are more pipe fitting than
reality seams
to deem fitting to fit me with fights
and i get the sharp point
and i been anointed
with oil with smoke
still poked, jester joked
through fire in hell
like as if the bitch mother earth is spelled WITCH
im bound
to be Christ
disliked and nailed
this cross is my destiny
my lips
on my boss'
his ass her ass
the asses
the masses
why for am i slow to find it
destiny like a snail in molasses
i want it now like that snotty chick from willy wonka
my dreams i cant catch them in outfield
im going extinct like Kevin Costner's tatonka