Friday, June 17, 2011


the future glimpsed i
chanced i sceent it
bout fell outta sleep
in an excitement fit
for twas so bright
nearly had to wear shades
for never to end
are our glorious days
eternally we be got
ten times forever
sided like a car
leave yee will i never
enduring like the grandest
of canyons is our love
deeper than the deepest
measured is our love
tried to by galaxies
even then fell i short
from heaven is our calling
like a vessle is to port
courtly you my queen
me a mere blessed jester
but as far does set the sun like
our love would still be wester
in a perfect world of besties
you by far be bester
within me doth you agitate
in my wounds you fester
if i were a tree
and you were birdly
you'd be nestled in my braches dwelling
the heart of me would ever be swelling
tickled within so damn deeply
down to my roots id sappily seep thee
so much love it often escapes me
sweeter than syrup on pancakes be
unmovably id watch you sleep
never daring to wake you
not making a peep
and grow around you i wood as i do
id uproot myself if away ever you flew
id sprout tree wings
and shout from a tree mouth
"baby oh baby where art thou
why hath you flown south"
in chaos would be
what was dove peacely
seach i'd the world
with steadfast resolve
for the source
that life force
that makes me evolve
thats factual futurely
now and beyond
binded together
an unbreakable bond
for i am a planet
around you i revolve
never there a problem
you are my solve