Monday, August 18, 2014

Bengal Tigri

Jungle florescent in the back of its eyes it slithery lay wait in most patient disguise waiting solely to strike deeply within you so deep that no breath can escape you you cant make a peep tis most despised dark and dreary its skin mostly mirrory anomalistic animalistic but boiled way over far gone past ballistic an anacondic forced freak of unnaturealistic vodoocan magic its deeds are world over oft horrifically tragic yea whatever boat you float a labyrinth of motes and far fields of oats so stretching one gloats "that by journey half passed that if started in warm attire one would have need the warmest of coats lest he chance to expire" it has networks like spokes that make crushing throat chokes like black riders and darth vaders to the darkness it caters and like a siren you desperately will be entranced by it coaxing still observwating in the somewhere the thing somehow knows things so cheerily for thrill it will too wait you out no doubt so secretly it seeks to reek havoc from habit like a post soviet slavic indeed its agreed BT is most waskly of wabbids

Shae PipSh'fterz

mfsirs- [abbriv. of "mother f***ing sir(s)] a group of men betraying counter balancing characteristics of being extra-personally abrasive or being sinisterly intended and eloquence in speech and mannerisms or chivalrousness.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sux es

they'll kill us all for even thinking about tryin to x poez eh? no way ho ze gun have sum fun like hoe chi in a min mfen face thrown book take a look reading rain and rainbows flo is so x tinked like doe doe ray me falicity fall is tisk tis of the where sweet lambs like liver tea time boss tin tin tale heart telling and selling massive grave lie layman mass is tell report say dos that start spanglosaxin bill clinton backin up toni tone braxton higgs. in disabitch..