Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nay, shun

God bless the dead as the dead man would say
I can rhyme and rip out poetics and im talented
but its not like im trying to be the old chick without a kid
im not chasing something that time has passed by
not exactly living when living is a lie
everyday there are mountains and today i choose to climb
planets make me older every time i fly right by
i wave at me not knowing what another year will bring
and when i look at all ive wasted i the opposite of sing
lately ive been losing and the monster in the mirror
is reaching out and grabbing me to drag me to his lair
i pray a lot God answers me but i am pulling strings
im a free to waste away my gifts while screaming freedom rings
for as a free and able man
im free to hell myself to damn
i do it daily, i do. i do.
does it feel like maybe you do too?
this land of the brave is home to few
we have a ship but where's our crew?
who can guide us? lead us all?
who stands upright, will answer the call?
who among? one for all?
all the knowledge and wisdom in all the earth
all signs will point to a single birth
God is alive, forever will be,
but not in my country, tis of thee
For those who would argue, come pray with me
to regain what was once sweet liberty

Monday, August 24, 2015


force feed me the sunny side because without shoving rainbows down my throat i am afraid i just wont survive because i find no joy when i look for it when it is in front of my face and when i look in the mirror i see only mistakes and though people say they enjoy this man they see they are only fooling themselves and not me for if only a glimpse into my mind and they concede to agree that they would much rather not be me and the three the me the myself the third eye, we are forever id ego all stuck in this head while the super part is adrift in the universe and cares not to bother with the sins of the flesh for when ever we glimpse it quickly are left alone in the world so cold if only we could covet and hold like a shadow lost

kcab klat

i aim
still alive
waiting for nothing
becoming nothing
pointless existence
character defamation
liar cheat con deadbeat
grease the grinder
cold cuts fresh meat
meetings in offices
the kind to off her kids
darkness blankets
cold winds blow
so above
as down below
hottest summer
in 4000 year
the end is coming
and we in arrears