Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Spelling Bee

Pastor Green like dried near Brown mixture of sleet and snow this town senior citizens rise up against capture the ones that pitch a tent pressure the nurses to wrap them out Rancher with cattle Tumbleweed injure their leftovers for seed is danger teacher don't question the children posture and Tails much to be seen future so bright blinding me picture hit line drives straight to the nature of the Beast caveman Leisure rounding up females measure is all about what you're against Catcher in the Rye Insanity defense pleasure principles grounded full foul foul foul Picture Me Rollin kicking old school is failure an option but not the treasure is at rainbows and creature leprechaun force-fed culture is what you make it figure it out when naked torture for a purpose Christmas forever SS endeavor

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Game

Beat. My chest. Chess game stong. Lacking in pay. Tense. Chamellion patterns. Wavy and blurry. Never going anywhere. All ways in a hurry. Last night I was alone and I hate my fucking self. Don't feel like I know who I am or rather wish to be. The part of me that hangs me up refuses to just die. My faults weigh me down like rocks in my pockets. Virginia wolf cry like howl at the moon. Monsoon in the dark and I'm a baffoon and baboon. Monkey going bannanas don't wanna talk cept sign languaey don't laugh at things or listen it stings it not funny like Farley and Suazey. Lazy spiritual pray pray pray and I lost something out there this jungle all day makes my cray cray crazey. Get it out a wise one told me once and here I go again. Shitty drafts of daft. Punking out on life inside despite outward appearance. Truthfully I'm dead in here foot on the gas no steering.

Friday, September 29, 2017


Fallen out of habit
I used to write so often
Now that I'm unpracticed
I fear my skills are softened
Likened to a pillow
For they make one snore, saw logs.
I doubt a single literate person
gives any fucks about my stupid blogs
It used to make me feel
A sense of accomplishment
Putting thoughts into words
Convinced my work was heaven sent
It still froms the heavens
Though my egos less inflated
Going back and reading things i wrote
Its mostly non-sense ive created

Who the why the what the
Mostly boredom
Being down on luck
Self-loathing bullshit.
Throw it away
Nothing worth a wasted read
Best not read, so i say

Still here go i on writing here today
Fucking with words in this way that i play

Ive got this thing i do sometimes
so do i it to the paper
I force it on myself and others
Does that make me a raper?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Start over

Its all shit
Burn it all


Woke up tomorrow
Life never lasting
The olderness multiplies
By factors and exponents
Rhyme and reason
Expelled from here
School of Athens
Pheonix ashened
Cellar door
Edgar Allen
Brad cox
Struck by lightning
Tree houses
Blind mouses
Free association
Emancipation Proclonation
Allies axis
World War
Holy Moley
Trump in office
Much discord
Kant a Ford
Production people
Put to work
After supper
Comes desert?

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Got shit faced wasted last night at the gay bar i went to play chess with my guy and then not far into the night we found ourselves dancing and making new lesbian friends it was happening this morning im feeling a pile of shit when i woke i was still a bit well lit slept all the time i was with my young son and im sure he was wondering why daddys no fun i could tell him i used up all my fun late last night but i wont ill just fester in my head with the fight theres a war in my mind and i guilt trip myself neglect all the important and squander my wealth gotta get up and bring home some cash when i just want to lay here to let myself crash

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jesus, shark, or aardvark

Fucked up waiting for my life to be ok and im sitting on my self right now and need to find a way of not completely breaking down im lost inside these keys and the letters how they oprerate surgical with these i fit if it pleases eyes to read upon the things i have to write here then maybe i can feel at least ive got something to run to that will keep me floating when the sinky feelings that i feel suface at me ugly happenings need to learn to deal with the problems facing me just wasting way not wanting to be so damn lost when im finding no thing like im blind in the dark and im searching for who

Again with the cats

The litter box is now in the last room left for my kids what once was a dream of finding a nitch has now been irritatingly replaced by a soreness thats cronic and depression to boot if it dont go my way this ends in kapoot like saving ryan isnt private its on display to yall cause im destined to be audiaunced and studder most of all im stirred up smoking cig cig after cig cause i feel outside myself im tired victim of the elements i dont know where the hell it went so wrong its almost right so i wake most night fighting the fight my soul wants most of all to crawl out of this cave of waiting worshiping the almighty dime

More like bore-ality

Half a mind to get at the game im thinkin i could handle
Ripping out poetic lines and stealing minds
i vandal
Eyes they close to hear these flows
That shit is sick like cancer
Bob yo head if you aint dead
Got a calling so ill answer
Ring ring
hello can i speak to whom
May i ask whats this regarding
A matter near and dear to me
Christ- like, can i beg your pardon?
These rappers talk at length about that money drugs and women
Bout getting money selling souls and liquor pools to swim in
I guess its all expressing it ism isnt it all a matter of perpective wise so dont trivialize the importance of the latter this condition we all humans find ourselves in is a trip
To err is us from dust to dust so it pays not to lid flip
Shit comes and goes
like ebbs and flows
It makes me sea im sick
Infected with a sense of time
Mortality suck my _______

In there

Wish i were a rapper or some such cause im feeling like ive got something that nobody can touch with enough practice i see me slayin some demons if all my split personalities can come to agreements right now im fighting the struggle so real im a poet thats lost and im trying to deal with a life that im avoiding so hard to heal all the wounds they are leaking and bleeding me dry if this doesnt pass quickly i fear i may die at the hands of person who though i resemble is not what im made of when disassembled

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fuck ur cat

I hate your cat because you love him
He is cute yes but id like to throw him into the oven
That cock blocking asshole pisses on the couch
And turns me into oscar the grouch
My cat is annoying and yours is purrfect
I wish i were like his ass void of defects
I clean up his shit from the box he dont use
Cant bring it up cause i give up i argue i lose
You think i wish you would send him away
When in fact id rather have him stuffed to display
For he hates me i know it his eyes tell me so
But you loved him before me so it I who must go
So obviously you rather hold that bastard over me
Ill come back when my breath stinks of ass and im furry
Maybe then ill have your attention for tonight im here in cat hater detention
I mentioned to her that her cat urinates
And now im about to have to masterbate
She wonders what makes me jealous of a cat
The answer is clearly not as simple as that
He kills all my mojo when im trying to fuck
Coming up on the bed when im horny it sucks
I dont exist when his bitch ass comes around
And id feed him to hungry dogs if we lived by the pound

Get it out

Been a minute since last i posted some shit to get relief so here i go with poetic showing what it is that makes complete me for my personality has this part that i would call my calling it involves these words put down on page the walls they are all falling all around me forces drive me far from where id be if money was a thing no more and everything were free for im not some worker buzzing round like bumbling mindlessly im a breed thats rare if i dare embrace what was given me