Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More like bore-ality

Half a mind to get at the game im thinkin i could handle
Ripping out poetic lines and stealing minds
i vandal
Eyes they close to hear these flows
That shit is sick like cancer
Bob yo head if you aint dead
Got a calling so ill answer
Ring ring
hello can i speak to whom
May i ask whats this regarding
A matter near and dear to me
Christ- like, can i beg your pardon?
These rappers talk at length about that money drugs and women
Bout getting money selling souls and liquor pools to swim in
I guess its all expressing it ism isnt it all a matter of perpective wise so dont trivialize the importance of the latter this condition we all humans find ourselves in is a trip
To err is us from dust to dust so it pays not to lid flip
Shit comes and goes
like ebbs and flows
It makes me sea im sick
Infected with a sense of time
Mortality suck my _______

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